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future of bacon sports

In this super candid episode, Bacon Sports Founder Rob Cressy talks about the future of Bacon Sports plus his goal of inspiring 1 million people to live the life they dream. Included in this is are how he is combining both of his brands, Cress Media and Bacon Sports, under one roof to become a sports content agency that also runs a sports community. He also shares the details of the personal development platform that he is building to help inspire one million people.

If anything Rob said in this podcast resonated with you, you want to be part of this journey, you want to help out, or if you want to work with him, hit Rob up at rob@baconsports.com or on Twitter @robcressy.

Here is a transcription of the podcast for those that would prefer to read it: 

What I want to talk about is what is going on in the world of Bacon Sports.

I always want to be transparent about everything that’s going on as I believe there are a lot of learning opportunities that can be had from it.

There’s two main things that I want to talk about.

  • The Bacon Sports rebrand
  • Inspiring 1 million people to live the life they dream

Let’s start with the Bacon Sports rebrand.

For the last 3 years I’ve had two brands, Bacon Sports, which is the sports publisher and sports fan community, and Cress Media, the sports content agency.

These two were separate for one reason. Back in the day when i was talking to brands and agencies I didn’t want to send them to a sports blog as that wouldn’t deliver the value of what we can do on the business side of things. Because of that I created Cress Media as a way to convey the content creation and digital strategy capabilities of what we can do. Essentially we took the things we learned how to be great at with building a community, creating content in multiple ways on multiple platforms, engaging fans, increasing reach, and ultimately growing a brand, and offered up those services.

As we’ve continued to see success on the Cress Media side the publishing industry has been on the decline, specifically on the monetization side of things. I realized right out of the gate when i started Bacon Sports that monetizing solely via ad revenue wasn’t the right strategy. That is completely playing out in the marketplace right now, as we are seeing media companies and publishers laying off tons of people.

Because of this, what started as Bacon Sports being my primary focus right out of the gate, transitioned to Cress Media becoming my primary focus. The reason is because in order to run a business you have to be able to monetize.

So while this is going on I would often get the question, what is the difference between Cress Media and Bacon Sports. I would give the CliffNotes version of what I just told you, one is sports content agency, one is our sports fan community.

It is not easy to run one brand none the less two brands on top of running your own personal brand. I’ve certainly entertained the idea of throwing everything under one roof, but like many things in life it can be a matter of timing.

Well it just so happens that both the Cress Media and Bacon Sports websites are 3 years old, which in the tech world is about a million years ago. Because of this it gave me a great opportunity to reevaluate everything that’s going on with my brands.

I came to the conclusion, that in the interest of clarity and growth, that the best move is to combine everything together under the Bacon Sports name, unifiying the brands, with a new website.

Moving forward Bacon Sports will be a sports content agency first, and we just so happen to also runs our own sports fan community.

There will be absolute clarity on what we do and who we work with. We do digital strategy and content creation for forward thinking brands and agencies looking to activate sports fans.

As for the sports fan community, that’s still the heartbeat of who we are and something that we are going to continue to organically grow. The sports content that we create is not going to stop, we are just going to be adding on additional content from the world of sports marketing, content creation, digital media, entrepreneurship and success. This brings both of our worlds into one.

We are excited about the new people this will allow us to bring into the community, plus the value that we will be able to deliver.

And this takes me to the second thing I wanted to talk about, inspiring 1 million people to live the life they dream.

I watched Jordan Zimmerman’s talk at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Con this year and one thing he said was DREAM BIGGER. bigger than you could ever imagine.

I’m the type of person who lives in action and takes the advice of people who have done great things. If Jordan Zimmerman, who grew Zimmerman agency into one of the biggest in the nation, says to dream bigger than I’m going to do it.

So how am I going to dream bigger?

When I first started Bacon Sports my mission was to help people achieve their dreams through a love of sports. i always figured that if I could build a company where I can find a way to work in sports then I can share with others how I did it and help them on their journey.

While this narrative has always been present in everything I do, including the Sports Marketing Huddle podcast, it wasn’t specific enough.

That’s when i said to myself, I’m going to inspire 1 million people to live the life they dream.

To make sure that it wasn’t just something that I thought about and didn’t take action on, I then created a video about it and put it on LinkedIn.

This was something that made me very uncomfortable as I had no clue how I was going to do it.

Luckily for me one of my mottos in life is to get comfortable being uncomfortable so I put it out there and the reception has been great.

So now it’s time for me to execute on inspiring 1 million people. So how am I going to do it?

The best way that I can help other is by reverse engineering my own success.

When I set off on my entrepreneurial journey with Bacon Sports I doubled down on one thing. Myself. I knew that no matter what life threw at me. No one returns my calls. I lose a client. Things aren’t growing as fast as I want. The one thing that can never be taken from me is my own personal development.

Because of this I became a sponge for learning and personal performance.

I would consume books, and podcasts, and courses from the best of the best to learn how they became successful. Then I implemented each of their habits and routines and tips it into my life.

I am going to break down what these habits and routines and tips are to help others on their journey. Because guess what, if I can do it then so can anyone else.

I’m a big believer in the power of mindset. When you control your inputs, you control your thinking. When you control your thinking you set yourself up for success. You just have to commit to doing it.

So what I’m going to do is create a learning platform that teaches all of this in digestible short form nuggets of videos, podcasts, articles, pictures. I’m going to make it easy to consume.

This platform will help guide people who raise their hand and say “I want to be better and i want to live the life I dream” and then it’ll tactically show them how to do it based on how I did it. You can think of it as a personal development blueprint.

This will be something that is self guided learning and that’s a huge key. In order for me to get to where I am now I had to change massively. I had to becomes self aware, intentional, and purpose driven. I had to commit to my own success and that starts with taking the first step and becoming someone with an infinite learning mindset. I’ll show you the way, you just have to be willing to come along for the journey.

Though this platform plus continuing to share thought leadership and lesson’s learned on my journey, that’s how I plan on inspiring one million people to live the life they dream.

Certainly I have a long way to go with building Bacon Sports plus inspiring 1 million people, but I’ve now put all of this out into the world so I’m one step closer today than I was yesterday.

I look forward to sharing with you the things I learn on this journey, including the awesome people I meet.

As an action item. I know that I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that I will do whatever it takes to make things happen and I want to work with awesome, forward thinking, like minded people and companies. I want to make the world a better, more fun, more engaging place. I want to help companies grow their brands, to get their audiences looking forward to hearing from them, and to open up the possibilities of relationships.

I want us all to win.

If anything I said in this podcast resonated with you, you want to be part of this journey, you want to help out, or if you want to work with me, hit me up at rob@baconsports.com or on Twitter @robcressy. I want to hear from you.

I would also greatly appreciate you sharing this and telling others about the journey I am on. The reason I’ve been able to grow Bacon Sports and my brand to where it is now is because of people telling their friends, family, and co-workers about what we are doing.

I really appreciate you for being part of this journey, and if there is anything I can do to help you let me know.





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