Terribly Awesome Baseball Card of the Day: Gary Pettis

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Gary Pettis, 1985 Topps

Who let Olan Mills shoot the 1985 Topps baseball cards set and what have they done with the grown-up version of Gary Pettis? Gary Pettis looks younger than Eddie Winslow in this card.

**UPDATE** After doing some research I found out that this is actually Gary Pettis younger brother in the card. How this happened I have no clue. It’s not like this isn’t going to be printed 100,000+ times and sent out to kids all around America. You’d think that this would be something that would be pretty simple to catch. God people suck at their jobs sometimes.

Here’s a video of Gary Pettis from back in the day showing his savvy base running skills and Willie Mays Hayes like speed. It’s not often that you see a base runner score from first base on a ground out to to third.



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