Gilbert Arenas Wizards jersey sighting in Step Up 2: the Streets

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gilbert-arenas-jersey-step-up-2Like drafting Bernard Berrian, Lee Evans, or Josh Johnson on your fantasy team, some things, no matter how hard you try not to have them happen, just always seem to happen. My kryptonite is watching the movie Step Up 2: the Streets and if it’s on TBS during the middle of the day you can be sure that I’m going to watch for an extended period of time.

What it is about the movie I have no clue. I’m not Jerry Rice or Emmitt Smith and going on Dancing With The Stars to show my moves but I’m not Mark Madsen either. Throw on some Ginuwine “Pony” or R.Kelly “Bump and Grind” and I’ll get down. I guess I just appreciate seeing someone that can cut a major rug.

While watching Step Up 2: the Streets I noticed that there was a random jersey sighting. One of the guys in the 410 crew, Tuck, was rocking a Gilbert Arenas Wizards jersey. The movie came out on Feb 14, 2008 and Gilbert Arenas was coming off a 28.4 ppg, 6 dimes, 4.6 boards season in 06′-07′. By the time the movie was released Arenas had already gotten injured and what looked like an All-Star career was heading in the completely wrong direction. Little did the producers or Tuck know that by the time the movie was released that this jersey wasn’t going to have the same street cred that it would have just one year before. To take it a step further, they also couldn’t have expected that someone would start a sports website dedicated to bacon, sports, and random jerseys and would catch their mistake.┬áDetails Hollywood, details. If you are going to have people rocking jerseys then you best be doing it right.

Many of you like to see elaborate end zone dances. Well here’s the last dance scene from the movie, which is pretty much the coolest dance sequence ever. You can’t tell me that it wouldn’t have been dope had Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson busted out some of these moves after getting into the end zone.


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