sticky-hall-of-fameAt Bacon Sports we don’t break news or give you in depth analysis like you might see elsewhere. We love to fuse together sports pop culture with old school sports references to create unique articles that you won’t find anywhere else. The beauty of a lot of these articles is that they don’t expire. They are just as relevant today as they were the day they were written. That’s why we wanted to put together the Sticky Hall of Fame, a compilation of past articles that should never go away. If you are new to Bacon Sports you can go back and look at some of the past awesomeness that we’ve created. Enjoy.

8 Worst NBA Draft Day Suits Ever

Crazy Blackhawks Craigslist Ad Goes Viral and Leads to Actual Ticket Giveaway

Awarding an MVP of the Mighty Ducks Trilogy  

Great Hockey Mullets and the Players that Rocked Them

Unique Sports T-Shirts that you Need to Add to your Collection

Gilbert Arenas Wizards Siting in Step Up 2: the Streets

Bacon Gets Two New Team Members

Bacon has Never Looked so Good. Hot Girls Eating bacon and Rocking Jerseys

What do you do When Something Bad Happens? Rub Bacon on it

5 Cool Pictures of Bacon Stuff

See the Smokeshow UCLA Cheerleaders from College Gameday

Let B.A.C.O.N be the new YOLO of your life

Debating who is the better announcer: Gus Johnson or Doc Emrick

Are you OK if your girlfriend can beat you up? According to the rule of Zack Morris the answer is Yes

We induct five iconic sports items into our first ever Sports Retro Hall of Fame

Students at Indiana were going crazy and photobombing the crap out of the camera when Gameday was at Bloomington

Paying tribute to Anferee “Penny” Hardaway

Bringing back the NBA Superstars video for 2013 with new tunes and updated players

Want to eat KFC with Delonte West? 7 unforgettable athlete experiences that Thuzio needs to offer

Creating an NBA Jams style 2-on-2 contest for All-Star weekend

Top 5 sports movies from our youth

The Starter Jacket: the originator of swag

College Hoops: what are some stars of the past doing now?

Getting into an NBA time machine and looking back at the fashion trends, hair, and how things were 10 years ago

1988 (MJ vs Dominique) vs 2000 (Vinsanity). Which is the greatest NBA dunk contest ever?

Creating a 32 player NBA one on one tournament with brackets and seedings for All Star Weekend

Most irrelevant baseball players to get caught using PED’s

Do Cavaliers fans want Lebron James back in Cleveland in 2014?

The most interesting Kurt Thomas article you’ll ever read. No really, ever. 

Who would you rather have shooting the ball, Ricky Davis or Larry Hughes?

Mike’s Hard Lemonade with a commercial that insults the intelligence of sports fans.

The best jerseys from our Rock a Jersey party (37 pictures)

Random athlete names on name tags from our Rock a Jersey party (30 pictures)

Nothing but pictures of hot girls eating bacon

Asking girls at the bar on New Years Day sports questions

Alex Flanagan is hot. We pause the TV to see what faces she makes (v 2.0)

Rules of sports smack talk

Which NBA players and current announcer are similar? We break it down. 

Some sweet Non-Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls videos from back in the day

Blue Chips 2.0: recasting the movie using todays NBA players

Replacing the fighters with NBA players in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

Retro sports stuff I’d buy on eBay if I only had $68

Average Joe NBA-players wore number 35

Hot girls and crazy students from the LSU vs Alabama game

Athletes that would make great politicians

NBA players and movie characters they’d be

We capture random jerseys being rocked at Sunday of the Ryder Cup 

Nick Saban smiling, Bill Belichick shaving, and a breakdown of the 1995 Cleveland Browns season and fans

Hot Oregon Cheerleaders and crazy photobombs 

Best Sports themed Halloween Costumes from Public House in Chicago

Will Muschamp made some crazy faces at the World’s Largest Cocktail Party

Billy Sims with the greatest Karate Kick run in NFL history

Top 5 random Hoopster jerseys that we captured at Lollapalooza 2012

Local news station interviews some funny guys who camped out to buy some Retro Jordan’s. Hilarity ensues

If you had to buy a jersey from the Cleveland Browns clearance rack what would you choose? We break it down.

Video compilation of all the random Hoopster jerseys that we captured from Lollapalooza 2012

Rex Chapman doing his thing in early 90’s Wendy’s commercials

Roger Federer and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig are dopplegangers

Funniest tweets from #Hockeyplayersexpositions

Most random piece of signed sports memorabilia involving Rick Fox and Darius Miles

The worst songs sung by pro athletes. This one isn’t pretty.

Compilation of random jersey sightings we captured from Bonnaroo 2012

This WNBA Groupon offer isn’t exactly crushing it

An ode to the double zero. Spencer Hawes is the new Greg Ostertag

Random lady wearing a #42 Washington Bullets jersey at the doctors office. Trying to figure out who the player is. 

NBA Action is fantastic video from the 1980’s is definitely fantastic.

NBA Action is fantastic video: 1992 MC Hammer edition. You can’t touch this. 

NBA Action is fantastic video: 1991 Paula Abdul. This is a trip. 

NBA Action is fantastic video: people dressing like people did in the 80’s. 

Joe Theismann so wrong about Lawrence Phillips at the NFL Draft

Alex Flanagan is hot. We pause the TV to see what funny faces we can have her make. 

Detroit Tigers announcer Rod Allen charges the mound in Japan and mass chaos ensues. This is hilarious.

If you are a fan of NBA on TNT you’ll dig this. Elevator Ernie and Skywalker Sager in a dunk contest. 

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos custom made Messiah Jersey

Jeff George is the man with the golden arm

Prince Fielder’s first video from when he was a little tike with his Dad. Naturally it’s for McDonald’s

How much was the blow that Sam Hurd was buying worth? About as much as it would cost to buy the moon. 

How much money was Sam Hurd making off the marijuana that he was selling? Let’s just say that he could buy the Washington Redskins. 

An old school Bobby Hurley commercial for ITZ. He definitely brought his own shoes.

In this 80’s LA Gear commercial which NBA player doesn’t fit?

Some gems from the 1993 NBA Draft Preview video 

Brett Favre’s first pass as a Green Bay Packer was completed to an unlikely person

Steal this idea: Join a Weekly Fantasy Football Auction League

Breaking down White Guys who participated in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest