Happy Birthday George Brett. Here’s the epic video of him talking about crapping his pants

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The sports birthdays for May 15 include John Smoltz, Heisman winner Desmond Howard, our favorite “alleged” murdering preacher Ray Lewis, and Emmitt Smith. A ton of sports studs on this day but the Holy Grail is an equal split between a giant bust, Ryan Leaf, and a baseball Hall of Famer with the greatest story ever about crapping his pants in Las Vegas, George Brett.

Ryan Leaf is widely considered to be one of the biggest busts in the history of American sports. A top pick out of Washington State, drafted by the Chargers, the world quickly learned he was as capable of playing football as Michael Jordan was of playing baseball. Currently the most popular inmate in the Montana State penal system. Here’s a video showing Ryan Leaf’s great people skills.

Last but not least, the funniest crapping his pants conversation I have ever heard coming from the mouth of Hall of Famer George Brett. George took the intiative to let the world know just how bad dropping a deuce in your pants and trying to hold it in can be. This is one of my favorite videos ever.