Hard Sports Trivia: Final Four Edition

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hard-sports-trivia-final-4We are back with another edition of hard sports trivia questions. With the Final Four just around the corner it only felt appropriate that this is the route we would take this week. Test your sports trivia knowledge and see how you stack up.

1. What is the highest seed to ever win a NCAA basketball title?
2. What player scored the most points in a Men’s NCAA Final Four Basketball Game?
3. Which two men’s college basketball teams have the most Final Four appearances?
4. Which NCAA basketball coach has the most Final Four appearances without ever winning a National Title?
5. What 3 teams are the highest seeded teams ever to make the Final Four? (They were all the same seed.)
6. What team was the largest underdog in an NCAA Championship game and went on to win the title?
7. What was the only year that neither a #1 or nor #2 seed made the Final Four?
8. What two teams participated in the most-watched NCAA Championship game in history?
9. Who is the only Ivy League team ever to make the Final Four?
10. What team scored the most points as a team in NCAA Tournament history?
11. What player scored the most points in an NCAA Tournament?

I’ll give you the answers after this video of Louisville’s Wayne Blackshear doing a double pump dunk over Kentucky’s Anthony Davis in last years Final Four.

1. Villanova #8 (1985)
2. Bill Bradley, 58 points versus Wichita St. (1965)
3. North Carolina and UCLA (18)
4. Guy Lewis, Houston – 5 Final Four appearances
5. LSU (1986), George Mason (2006), VCU (2011) (all 11 seeds)
6. UConn (1999) was a 9.5 point underdog and beat Duke 77-74
7. (2011) UConn #3, Kentucky #4, Butler #8, and VCU #11
8. Duke vs. Michigan (1992) with over 34 million viewers
9. Penn (1979) they eventually lost to Magic Johnson and Michigan St. by 34.
10. UNLV (1990) with 571 points
11. Glen Rice (1989) with 184 points


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