Hard Sports Trivia: Kentucky Derby Edition

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hot-girl-kentucky-derbyIf you haven’t been to the Kentucky Derby before then circle it on your calendar for next year because it’s freaking awesome. Sort of like going to a Nascar race, until you’ve gone you can’t really comprehend how much fun it really is. In honor of the run for the roses here’s a Kentucky Derby Edition of Hard Sports Trivia Questions.

1. Who is the last horse to win horse racing’s Triple Crown?
2. What state has produced the most Kentucky Derby winners?
3. What horse has the record for the fastest Kentucky Derby Run?
4. Who is the last favorite to win the Kentucky Derby?
5. Who was the last filly to win the Kentucky Derby?
6. What is the largest number of horses ever to run in a Derby race?
7. Only 3 horses have finished the Kentucky Derby in under 2 minutes. Who are they?
8. What two post positions have produced the most winner of the Kentucky Derby?

I’ll give you the answers after this video. In case you have not seen the movie, here is the best run in the history of the Kentucky Derby. Secretariat had wheels that would make Willie Mays Hayes proud.

1. Affirmed (1978)
2. Kentucky (101)
3. Secretariat (1973) 1:59.4
4. Big Brown (2008)
5. Winning Colors (1988)
6. 23 (1974)
7. Secretariat & Sham (1974), Monarchos (2001)
8. 1 & 5 have produced 12 winners


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