Hard Sports Trivia 15: Random Baseball Edition

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hard-sports-trivia-baseball-2I’m not playing with this weeks hard sports trivia quiz. If you get more than three of these I’ll be very impressed. Consider this weeks edition more of a learning experience and making you smarter as a sports fan. Put these questions in your vault and drop some knowledge on people the next time you are at a sports bar.


1. What two players share the mark for the most HRs in one season during the 1980s?
2. What player holds the record for most strikeouts in a season during the 1980s?
3. Since the introduction of the Wild Card into the MLB playoff format, which player has played the most games without ever playing in the post season?
4. What active player has played for the most MLB franchises during his career?
5. Since 1900, what non-pitcher has played in more seasons than other player?
6. What active player has committed the most errors?
7. What active pitcher has thrown the most wild pitches?
8. Since 1970, which manager has managed the most number of seasons without ever making the post-season?
9. Since 1980, only one player has played in a Major League game at the age of 18. Who is he?
10. Who is the oldest Major Leaguer ever to hit a home run?

I’ll give you the answers after the video. It is hard to believe, but it has been 20 years since this seminal baseball event between Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura. If you watch this all of the way through you will see some familiar names you would recognize from that 1993 Topps baseball card set.


1. Andre Dawson & Mark McGwire with 49 in 1987
2. Rob Deer, Milwaukee Brewers, 186 K’s in 1987
3. Adam Dunn 1,763 games
4. Octavio Dotel with 13
5. Rickey Henderson 25 seasons
6. Miguel Tejada (273)
7. AJ Burnett (139)
8. Frank Robinson 16 seasons
9. Alex Rodriguez in 1994
10. Julio Franco age 48 in 2007


Aaron Senich

Aaron Senich

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