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Hardee’s Debuts Bacon Flavored Napkin

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St. Louis, MO – Always looking to raise the bar on taste excellence and customer satisfaction, Hardee’s has debuted a bacon flavored napkin to record-setting results.

“Our customers come to Hardee’s for mouth-watering deliciousness, and extending that standard to something that is always around your mouth was only natural,” exclaimed Hardee’s CMO Brad Haley.

After just one week on tables, Hardee’s can barely stock dispensers quick enough to keep up with demand for the bacon flavored napkins.

“It has been insane,” said Haley with a smile. “People love the taste of bacon in their mouth so much that every time they wipe their face they just end up eating the napkin. We’ve even had people come in just to eat napkins!”

For those looking for a kick while eating their Egg & Cheese Biscuit in the morning, Hardee’s shortly plans on rolling out a hot and spicy napkin. This is part of a larger marketing campaign that falls under their 2015 Be Green Initiative.

“Our customers dispose of 98% fewer napkins than any other quick-service establishment and that’s good for the planet,” championed Haley. “Putting smiles on people’s face and keeping Mother Earth clean. It doesn’t get much better than that.”


Rob Cressy

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