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Beer Holster Movember Mustache Giveaway

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Mustaches and beer go together almost as well as bacon and sports.

With Movember in full swing and Team Bacon looking as ravishing as Rick Rude, we want to do what we can to help spread the good word and raise awareness for men’s health issues. As if looking like sweet Magnum PI and getting loads of respect from strangers wasn’t enough, we’ve teamed up with Holster Up to reward those Mo Bros and Mo Sistas that are taking part in the lip lettuce festivities.

Wait, what’s a Holster Up? It’s essentially a gun holster that you rock on the side of your pants that holds your beer. Not only do you look baller as hell but it allows you to be hands free to give high fives to everyone who is giving you dap for your Wilford Brimley mustache. You can see a video we shot at our SEC road trip to Auburn where we do something sweet while rocking a Holster Up.

mustache-holster-upWe’ll be giving away two Mustache Canvas Beer Holsters to the Mo Bros or Mo Sistas that tweet us awesome pictures of their stache to @BaconSports.

We realize that not everyone can grow a baller stache like Rollie Fingers so we’ll be rewarding the two winners based on overall awesomeness or creativity of their photo. Extra bonus points are rewarded for including bacon or beer in your photo. Also, you can submit numerous photos. Hell, do a photoshoot if you want or send us your mustache progress every day. We want this to be fun and embrace the Movember/Bacon Sports/Holster Up communities.

We will be announcing the winners via social media on Friday, November 28.

Lastly, we encourage you to donate to the Team Bacon Movember page. Not only will you have some good karma coming your way but we’ll also create a custom thank you photo for you if you donate $10 or more.

You can win some free beef jerky just for telling us a joke or being awesome. Click here for the details.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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