Hoopster and random jersey sightings on the slopes

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Football is over and with it goes the random jerseys that fans rock at bars on Sundays. It’s still colder than your girlfriend after you try and put it in the wrong hole in most of the country so Hoopsters aren’t out in full force rocking random NBA jerseys. With two of the prime outlets to capture jerseys dormant for us we’ve had to get creative to get our jersey fix. Thankfully there is no shortage of people rocking jerseys on the slopes out West. Normally we only post the most random of players but we thought that the situations in which these people rocked the jerseys more than warranted being posted.


You probably have no clue who this is but he has the same name as a famous singer. Yes, this is a Tony Bennett Charlotte Hornets jersey. My boy Ken Schulman is in grad school at UVA getting his learn on and captured someone giving homage to the current UVA head basketball coach. In his ballin days Bennett could stroke a mad J. He holds the NCAA record for all time 3 point field goal percentage (49.7%) which helped him get drafted 35th overall by the Charlotte Hornets. A few players that were selected after him were Popeye Jones and Matt Geiger. Kudos to this hoopster for giving some dap to his college coach.


This Sam Hurd Chicago Bears jersey is up for jersey of the year considerations. The only way you buy this jersey is for the sheer irony and shock factor. I absolutely love it. Great find by fellow BS writer Jim Cook for this sighting.


Way to keep hanging on to those wins Knicks fan.


Good to see that the stereotype of Baltimore Ravens fans is still in tact. I can’t imagine there are too many other people rocking this getup in Tahoe. Shout out to my boy Marty D for capturing this and the next few while on the slopes.


The Chicago Blackhawks are off to a blazing start so why not live it up while it’s good. I think that rocking a jersey looks way cooler on a snowboarder than it does a skier.


I’m not sure if this is the best or worst outfit of them all. He looks so spectacularly from Wisconsin that it’s both touching and embarrassing.

patrick-willis jersey

Showing some support before the Super Bowl for his 49ers. I dig it. I’d do the same thing.


Cali Hoopsters repping hard. I do have to question buying a Chauncey Billups Clippers jersey. Dude is 87 years old and you’ve got both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin on your team. Mr. Big Shot was clutch when he was on the Pistons but those days are long gone. This isn’t hoopster ironic. It’s just weak sauce.

Mad props to his boy for rocking a Tim Hardaway Golden State Warriors jersey. Stephen Curry is cool but he gets too injured for my liking. I’d like to keep it old school and rep some Run TMC.


You would think that you’d see more Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers jerseys floating around town considering he’s arguably the greatest quarterback ever but that’s not the case. Rocking a football jersey is different than basketball. The irony factor with football jerseys only happens within your team. You don’t branch out and go rock a Qadry Ismail Ravens jersey if you are a 49ers fan. I think that’s because football fans are so much more passionate and the NBA is marketed in a different way.


My boy G Hunt was in Colorado and captured one of his boys rocking this Allen Iverson jersey. He later found out that when AI signed with the Nuggets three of his friends all went out and bought the same jersey. Gone were the days of AI being a 30 point scorer and a little more than two seasons later he was out of Denver. With it began the steep decline that was the end of his career.

If you see any random jerseys on the street then take a picture and holla at us. We’ll post it and give you a shout. 

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