Two Level 5 jerseys that will blow your mind win this week’s Thursday Jerzday

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hoopsters-acie-lawHappy Thursday Jerzday! Earlier in the week we dropped a double edition of random jersey sightings as we had to make up for missing a week because of Lollapalooza. Yinz came hard in the paint yet again as we had two jerseys that were mind blowing.

Before we give out the awards we had a late entry from one of my favorite Detroit fans, Lisa Hernandez. Behold, a Mateen Cleaves Pistons jersey that was captured in Chicago.

mateen cleaves pistons jersey

Mateen Cleaves was drafted by the Pistons giving them 5.4 ppg and 2.7 dimes in 8 starts over 78 games. He was then traded to the Kings for Jon Barry and a 1st round pick (who became Carlos Delfino). How the Pistons gonna do a hometown Flintstone like that?

This jersey is ridiculous and is most certainly worthy of co-first place billing for the week. Well done Lisa!

First Place (tie) – Acie Law IV Hawks Jersey (via Zack D’Ulisse)

acie law hawks jersey

Equally as good as the Mateen Cleaves jersey was this gem. Acie Law IV only played two seasons with the Hawks and while there he changed his number from 4 to 2 (as if rocking an Acie Law jersey isn’t random enough). Good luck topping this jersey. It’s definitely a Level 5 jersey and can hold it’s own with any other out there.

Second Place – Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers jersey (via Michael Hotze)

fernando valenzuela dodgers jersey

Showing dap to some of your favorite old school players is nothing new, but doing it while at the pool in Las Vegas is a whole other ball game. I’m sure ladies were lining up to get a piece with this Fernando Mania loving, sombrero rocking sports fan.

Third Place – Shane Battier Grizzlies jersey (via Rob Judge)  

shane battier grizzlies jersey

Shane Battier is as exciting as missionary sex. That’s what makes this jersey so wonderful.




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