Apparently rocking a President on your custom jersey is the new thing

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random-jersey-teddy-roosevelt-nationalsAfter seeing the jerseys that were sent in over the weekend I was a little worried. The quantity was most certainly there, and there were definitely a few that were really good, but there wasn’t anything that stood out and blew my mind like when Hogan turned heel and joined the nWo. Past winners of Thursday Jerzday include a Brett Favre Cubs jersey, Hank Gathers Loyola Marymount jersey, and last week we dropped a lethal Acie Law IV Hawks with a Mateen Cleaves Pistons jersey combo to name a few. That means that we’ve got Derek Jeter like standards.

As Chris Berman says, “that’s why we play the game.” In the last three days we received the three medalists for the week and boy did they not disappoint. The decision I had wasn’t if one of them was good enough to take first but instead which one was the best. All three left me stunned like when Verbal Kint turned into Keyser Soze in the Usual Suspects.

Let’s go to Moe for the official results.

First Place – Teddy Roosevelt Washington Nationals Jersey (via my boy Schulman)

teddy roosevelt nationals jersey

My decision to choose the Teddy Roosevelt Washington Nationals jersey came down to “what are you less likely to ever see again?”. Considering that never in my life have I entertained putting a United States President on the back of a custom baseball jersey (none the less any jersey) this one took the cake.

The fact that it was a Teddy Roosevelt jersey and not Obama makes this about 10000 times better. This is beyond obscure and unique yet every person who see’s “T Roosevelt” knows exactly who this is. Had he went with John Tyler or James Garfield no one would have put two and two together and it would have been an epic fail. In the instance of James Garfield it would probably look super creepy that some 50+ year old dude is walking around town in a custom Garfield jersey.

Also, rocking this on a Nationals jersey makes total sense for obvious reasons. Had this been a Florida Marlins jersey it would have been as bad of a decision as Steely McBeam.

rebecca lobo team usa jersey

In the Bacon Sports office every Thursday is Thursday Jerzday so we all rock a jersey. Intern Matt Glamkowski strolls in today with a freaking Rebecca Lobo Team USA jersey on.

Mind. Blown.

If I had to describe how excited I was when I saw this it is probably somewhere between when the Penguins won the Sidney Crosby draft lottery and seeing Mo Cheeks randomly ride past me on a bicycle as I’m walking to Lollapalooza a few years ago. That fact that this jersey doesn’t win really bothers me but I believe there is a slightly better chance of seeing someone else rocking a Rebecca Lobo Team USA jersey than there is someone rocking a Teddy Roosevelt Nations jersey. This is either one of the highest or lowest moments in Thursday Jerzday history.

Is this the new way that hoopsters are going to try and out hoopster other hoopsters? By rocking obscure WNBA jerseys?

erick rhett bucaneers jersey

That’s right, some dude buying beer in a tucked in Errict Rhett Bucaneers jersey gets third place. If this is the type of quality that you guys are going to continue to send in then Bacon Sports just might be the first company to buy real estate on the moon. That’s amazing quality there.

Shout out to Mike T who sent this one over (via @TheRealMrMoxy12)




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