Hoopster Nation 19: NBA Finals Jerseys

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Rob Cressy is joined by Gibson Smith & Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips as they dish about the random jerseys they’d rock for the upcoming Cavs vs Warriors NBA Finals, the jerseys in our queue, and creating custom jerseys of players who’s jersey doesn’t exist. They also talk about coaches/manager jerseys, what our wives/girlfriends think of us rocking jerseys, and our methods for bidding on jerseys on eBay.




1. If you had to rock a Cavs or Warriors jersey (doesn’t have to be a current player), who would be on your list?

2. If you had to rock the jersey of any coach or manager who would it be?

3. Have you ever had a jersey hemmed or altered?

4. What is your method for bidding on jerseys on eBay? Do you bid early or wait until the very end?

5. Who are the jerseys in your jersey queue?

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