Hoopster Nation: Jerseys on Vacation, Jason Collins Jerseys, and NBA Jam

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cherokee-parks-mavericks-jerseyYou get to bring two hoopster jerseys with you on vacation, which do you choose? This is a dilemma I just faced last week as I took my services to the Dominican Republic to scout some young flame throwing pitchers go on vacation. While there I also kept my eye out for other jerseys and sports stuff that was roaming around so I decided to document it (below). We dish about this plus the merits of rocking the now hot-selling Jason Collins jerseys on the latest edition of the Hoopster Nation podcast featuring Rob Cressy, Gibson Smith, and Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips.

As a heads up, here’s some of the names that find a way onto the podcast: Yinka Dare, Thunder Dan Majerle, Horace Grant, Harvey Grant, Jerron Collins, the Miami Heat version of Juwan Howard, Nazr Mohammed, Latrell Sprewell, and Shav Randolph.


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Now for the vacation jersey pics. These were taken in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic where the demo was very non-American. I didn’t expect to see many jerseys at all so I guess I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

air jordan hoopster

In the huge line at the airport at 6 am on a Monday (yes, there was probably an hour wait at security at Midway. Stupid commuters) I captured this Hoopette (a chick hoopster?) rocking some sweet Jordan high tops. You don’t see a ton of girls rocking kicks like this so much love to her. While she gets dap for rocking them, those definitely aren’t my favorite MJ’s.

sweet air jordans

Now these are some dope MJ’s. I dig the custom MJ culture, even though there’s no way that I can afford to buy even a fraction of the ones out there. I ain’t Ricky Ross.

russell wilson seahawks jersey

Once I got through security I saw a dude in a Russell Wilson Seahawks jersey getting Ben & Jerry’s. Winning the Super Bowl gives you the luxury of being able to rock gear of your team anywhere you go. What I’m more concerned with is what type of person allows themselves to eat Ben & Jerry’s at 7 am for breakfast?

cliff lee phillies jersey

On my flight was a dude wearing a Phillies hat and Cliff Lee jersey. Considering the Flyers are fighting for a playoff spot and the 76ers are worse than Theo Ratliff’s contract I don’t blame him for being all jazzed about spring ball.

mitch richmond team usa jersey

As I mentioned I brought two jerseys with me. The Cherokee Parks Mavericks jersey at the top, and this Mitch Richmond Team USA jersey. The Olympic hockey games were into the semifinals so I knew that I had to go hard in the paint and support the U-S of A. Plus, with there being so many foreigners there it was very patriotic and American of me to go over the top.

sidney crosby canada jersey

When I saw this I was morally conflicted. I’m a Penguins fan so obviously I love Sidney Crosby. He’s without a doubt the best hockey player on the planet and if you think otherwise you are an idiot. At the same time the US was playing Canada later that day so seeing a Sidney Crosby Team Canada jersey was not high on my list. While I didn’t wish Sidney Crosby any ill harm, during this Olympics I was all USA all the time!

pk subban jersey

A random P.K. Subban shirsey. He is in the top five for hockey players I least like. Every time he plays the Penguins he just acts like an ass.

rimmer maple leafs jersey

The last of the hockey jerseys. This one a James Reimer Maple Leafs shirsey that I captured at an outdoor bar. Earlier this year I went to a Sabres game in Buffalo when they were playing the Maple Leafs. There were more Leafs fans there than Sabres fans and they were more obnoxious than that guy at your watch party that is hating on everything and makes watching a game unenjoyable. They walked around like they owned the place. Thankfully the Sabres won the game in overtime so that sort of shut them up (that’s a tough one to swallow, losing to the Sabres). It did make Leafs fans a bit more sultry, though, so that was annoying on the walk home.

vince carter unc jersey

This Vince Carter UNC jersey was probably the best one I saw all vacation. Those UNC teams were tight.

kevin durant thunder jersey

Here’s a  The Servant Slim Reaper Kevin Durant jersey. He’s an easy player to like so I’m bout it bout it.

michael jordan no name on back bulls jersey

I knew something weird was going on with this Michael Jordan Bulls jersey when I saw this dude walking down the beach. The jersey just didn’t look right. Of course my spidersense was dead on as there was no name on the back. Major weak sauce out of this dude. If you are going to rock an MJ do it right. Don’t forget to check out our guide to spotting Real vs Fake jerseys so you don’t end up looking like a fool like this guy.

el pueblito sports bar mets jersey

I went searching for a “sports bar” on the resort to see if I could find a place that had the hockey game on TV. This is the best that I could find, the El Pueblito Sport Bar & Karaoke. I have no clue why this Mets jersey was hanging up.

red sox jersey punta cana

…or this Red Sox jersey with accompanying Michael Chang jersey.

derek jeter shirsey

On the recommendation of the resort we got to the airport three hours early and then our flight was delayed two hours. Sitting next to me in the food court (yes, there was a food court in this Punta Cana airport and there was actually a sushi eatery (note: I’m using “eatery” very very loosely. You’d be crazy to eat sushi from a Dominican Republic airport)) was this guy rocking a Derek Jeter shirsey. Let the victory lap begin.

miguel cabrera tigers shirsey

A tucked into his jeans Miguel Cabrera Tigers shirsey ordering some Wendy’s.

ucf basketball game on tv

I was able to find the one bar that could fit 20 people that had three TV’s in it. On the tube was UCF vs Houston in college hoops. Times be tough, but I dig those UCF jerseys.

bacon sports beers

Naturally I came equipped and we threw back some beers named after El Presidente Dennis Martinez.

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