Hoopster rocking a Rik Smits Pacers Jersey

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Rik Smith Pacers jersey

Rik Smits Pacers Jersey

Wow Factor of this Rik Smits Pacers Jersey: 8.5 out of 10. This is almost as rare as seeing AJ Burnett not give up 5 runs in a game.

Why is this an awesome jersey? Because of his nickname “The Dunking Dutchman”. If you are going to like someone on the Pacers that isn’t Reggie Miller and you are too confused over which Davis is which then he is the most logical choice.

He was drafted second overall out of Marist in 88’ by the Pacers. For his career he averaged a respectable 14.8 ppg, a disappointing 6.1 boards, 1.4 dimes, and 3.2 blocks. He was also 3 for 26 from way downtown. I have to imagine that means that he got a rebound with 1 second left in the half and threw up a full court shot 26 times, making 3 of them (there’s no other explanation why a guy 7’4” would be shooting a 3). With that being the case that’s an impressive percentage.

According to Basketball Reference similar players are Antonio McDyess, The Big Z, Jermaine O’Neal, and Vin Baker. I assume that is non drunk Vin Baker.

He made $43,750,000 over his 12 seasons.

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In his post-NBA life he collects and races vintage motocross motorcycles. That seems like a very logical choice for a 7 footer from the Netherlands. Extra bonus points for being allowed to ride his dirt bike in the house.

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