Hoopster Rocking a Craig Ehlo Cavaliers Jersey

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Cavs fan rocking a Craig Ehlo jerseyCraig Ehlo Cavaliers Jersey

Wow Factor of the Random Jersey: 8.5 out of 10. Craig Ehlo would be way down the line of Cavaliers players jerseys that a fan would wear. This guy is also rocking this jersey in Chicago so it that makes it that much better.

The Shot“. Those two simple words bring so much pain to Cleveland Cavaliers fans and is forever linked to Craig Ehlo. He was the player guarding Michael Jordan in that series winning moment which became the first of many Jordan game winning shots in the playoffs. Unlike Bill Buckner, who was the goat of much scorn from Red Sox nation, Ehlo didn’t get the backlash that would normally be associated with giving up a series clinching jumper in the playoffs at home to a team that you can’t stand. Why? Because there was nothing that he could do. The Cavaliers had double teamed Jordan and forced him into a hanging jumper from just beyond the free throw line. Sometimes you just get beat and in this instance it was by the best ever.

When I think of Craig Ehlo I always think of him as Mark Price’s sidekick because he was the other white guy that could shoot. I also think of him as the Cavaliers version of John Paxson except Ehlo never hit a game winning jumper in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.  His numbers weren’t spectacular but he did have four consecutive seasons where he averaged double digit points for the Cavaliers. What’s shocking about Ehlo is that he was such a poor free throw shooter (68.9% for his career).

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