Acie Law IV Headlines the Best Jerseys from the Weekend

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random-jersey-front-aug-12After the three day bender that was Lollapalooza we got a little behind on our weekly Thursday Jerzday recap. Who can blame us, we captured 115 different jerseys and afterwards were more beat up than Peter McNeeley after his fight with Tyson. Well we’ve recovered and are back to our old self. We’ve got two weekends worth of jerseys to show you so sit back, grab a Crystal Pepsi, and enjoy the randomness that is the jersey game we play.

acie law hawks jersey

Zack D’Ulisse sent over this gem and had this to say about it. “I own this, bought it after he got drafted, then the Hawks got new uniforms a week later.” This is one of the best hoopster jerseys I’ve seen in a while. Well done Zack.

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