More musicians on Cubs jerseys, the men in the middle for the Bulls, and the Shaq of the MAC

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trent-ceballos-jerseyFor the second week in a row Bacon Nation has come super hard in the paint with the random jerseys that were sent in (not that I should expect anything less from yinz). Last week I graded the batch a 95 and this week I’d say it was a 91 out of 100. Last week’s winner was a Brett Favre Chicago Cubs jersey so that’s a tough one to beat. I’m still shaking my head over that.


Last week we captured an Eddie Vedder Cubs jersey the week before Pearl Jam played in Chicago and look what popped it’s head up at the Jason Aldean concert this weekend. Include me in the group that believes that Theo Epstein is going to turn around the team and actually have them in the playoffs within a few years (I’m saying 4 years) but damn. Putting musician’s names on the back of your jersey says more about the current state of the roster (barf) than anything else. I don’t see Patriots fans running around town with Bon Jovi jerseys on.

Shout out to Brett Doszak for this find.


You come at the King you best not miss. That right there is a Gary Trent aka the Shaq of the MAC Portland Trailblazers jersey being rocked by yours truly. If you don’t know who Gary Trent is then step yo game up. I picked up this one off of eBay for $33 last week. The key to hoopster jersey shopping on eBay is to not go for the mainstream ones like Muggsy Bogues. They are going for way too much and they are common enough that you’ll probably see someone else rocking one.

Living in Chicago people assumed that this was a Scottie Pippen Trailblazers jersey that I was rocking and you know what they say. If you assume…chances are the other guy is rocking a Gary Trent jersey.

By the way, Pippen didn’t get to Portland until a year and a half after Trent was gone.


This Ced Ceballos Lakers jersey is tight like rocking a pair of retro Jordan 4’s. Someone understands how this game is played.

Shout out to Bacon Sports writer Tom Hamm for this one.


This is a Rickie Weeks Brewers All Star game sherzey. Oh how times have changed.

Shout out to Jack Biernacki for this find.


Sneaky good random jerseys of the week go to this lovely couple, who decided that the best time to rock their San Jose Sharks jerseys was at the British Open. Yep, the British freaking Open. #BecauseItsTheCup

Shout out to Kevin Miller for this find (and lucky him for being at the British Open).



Shout out to Slam! Vintage for this find.


I’m a big fan of this Bill Wennington Bulls jersey and even more so than the Luc Longley Bulls jersey. Longley was better than Wennington and it takes a more knowledgable sports fan to remember Wennington. By the way, you know who else wore #34 on the Bulls? Charles Oakley.

Shout out to Jack Biernacki (via Nick Friedell) for this find.

Even though the next group of pics aren’t random jerseys we appreciate when you tweets us pictures of sweet stuff so we are going to give the best ones a shout out too. Anything retro or vintage memorabilia is definitely in the running for the weekly prize.


Mark Collier tweeted us saying that this guy lives across the street from him #terriblyawesomebaseballcard #randomathlete. Very well done Mark.


Kareem’s arms look like what Barry Bonds used to while on the Pirates.

Shout out to Dana Monstah for this gem.

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