Obama, Kenny Powers, and Fletch all make this week’s random jersey sightings

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random-jerseys-fletch-frontIt’s Thursday Jerzday Hulkamaniacs! Because of the long holiday weekend and us OD’ing on college football and fantasy drafts we got a bit behind and weren’t able to get out a jersey recap article on Monday’s like we normally do. Instead we are going to give you two articles in one. We are going to drop the best random jerseys that were sent in over the last week as well as crown our three medalists. The excitement level for football being back is palatable because the jerseys that were sent in are amazeballs. This is definitely one of the strongest crops we’ve ever had.

obama steelers jersey

Yinzers are so freaking awesome and live up to the stereotype at all times. Who wouldn’t want to rock an Obama Steelers jersey with jorts? Actually, the question should be, “why aren’t you rocking an Obama Steelers jersey with jorts?”

Shout out to my boy G Hunt for capturing this one at the Steelers/Panthers pre-season game in Carolina.

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