How Much Blow was Sam Hurd Really Buying?

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sam hurd

sam hurdThe Sam Hurd story never gets old to me. The thought of a professional athlete living a double life and also being Tony Montana is just hilarious/awesome. Hurd is as unique as Tim Tebow is, just for the completely opposite reasons. When the story of Hurd’s arrest first came out we had “a guy who knew a guy” break it down and tell us how much weed that really was. Our I-Team did some more investigating and were able to talk to “the guy behind the guy behind the guy” and have him give us some more insight into the wonderful word of booger sugar.

Hurd was trying to buy between 5 and 10 kilograms of cocaine. That is a lot of blow. That means he was trying to buy between 11 and 22 pounds of the booger sugar. Here’s an idea of what that might look like. Like I said, that is a lot of cocaine. But the question is: How much is it worth? Take a quick look at the chart below. We don’t know if Sam Hurd was trying to buy this amount every week (as he was with the marijuana) but if he were, this is what his yearly revenues might look like assuming he sold it all by the gram at street value.

                                                                       At 5 kilos               At 10 kilos

Amount in grams                                               5,000                   10,000

Total weekly street worth (grams x $100)             $500,000              $1,000,000

Monthly street value                                           $2,000,000          $4,000,000

Yearly street value                                             $26,000,000        $52,000,000

That’s a nice little side job considering his total contract with the Chicago Bears was just $5.15 million.  That said, we previously calculated that the street value of the marijuana he was trying to purchase exceeded $309 million!  Had his plan worked, he could have made $361 million per year (excluding his comparatively paltry NFL salary). Just so we are all on the same page, the area of the world’s oceans is 361 square kilometers. The movie Toy Story earned $361 million worldwide.   361,000,000 is a big number. As we said before…apparently crime does pay…

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