How Pistorius can be be more likable than Barry Bonds

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pistoriusHow was your Valentine’s Day?

I’m not much into gambling, but I’d be willing to bet it was just a little bit better than Oscar Pistorius’.

In case you partied way too hard for Mardi Gras and missed the last week, this is that guy with no legs, who got to be in the Olympics even though his fake legs may have given him an unfair advantage. Well, apparently, while his girlfriend was in the can, he decided it was a good idea to blow the bathroom door away, fatally shooting her. He said that he thought she was a burglar – ya know, because thieves are known to take potty breaks mid-robbery. In the days that followed, more details about his domestic abuse and how illogical his story was have made it seem pretty likely that he’s on his way to jail.

Still, among all of this, the part that really kills me (if you excuse the expression) is that Pistorius and his people took the time to deny a claim made by a detective that steroids were found in his room on the night of the murder.

Dude, you have bigger things to worry about right now.

Not only is that just a little ridiculous, in light of the other issues Pistorius has on his plate at the moment, but here’s the thing no one believes him anyways. We heard it from Palmeiro. We heard it from Armstrong. We heard it from A-rod (twice). We know he is lying.

I have lost all interest in athletes defending themselves against evidence that they’ve taken PEDs. The closest any have come to being correct in their claims of innocence was Ryan Braun’s, and he’s only innocent because his pee was in a stranger’s basement over the weekend. There is nothing Pistorius can say or do (and he wont be able to do much for very long [that was a jail joke, not an amputee joke]) that will make me believe he is innocent. I just don’t believe any of them, and neither should any fans.

At this point, there is no athlete in any sport (except bowling) that we can say, with 100% certainty, is not using some kind of PEDs. None. Every day more and more guys’ names seem to pop up in reports, and that’s just the people that get caught. And it’s not just the guys you’d suspect. This very site made a list of guys who weren’t good at all, and still juiced. There’s no reason to trust any of them. Too many have claimed they weren’t doing it and too many are.

Just once, I would like an athlete to say, “I cheated to win. I’m sorry”. No denials, no claims of only using to return from injury, no creating fake websites to prove innocence. Hell, I don’t even need an apology. I know they’re not really sorry anyways. Just a complete, excuseless, admission. If an athlete said, “I do it, and so does everyone else” – I’m fine with that. These denials are just exhausting, and need to stop.

So, Oscar, please do me a favor. You’re going to jail. For murder. You aren’t getting anymore sponsorships and you are no one’s hero. Please, please, just admit you were taking PEDs, so we can all move on. I promise, it won’t make anyone think any less of you. In fact, despite the whole cold-blooded murder thing, I bet people would still like you more than Barry Bonds.