Incredible But True Football Stats

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incredible-football-statsI’m here to make you a smarter football fan. Here are 20 incredible but true football stats that you can drop this weekend to flex your sports knowledge.

NFL Football Stats

1. Only 13% of teams that start the NFL season 0-2 eventually make the playoffs.

2. With the exception of the strike-shortened season in 1987, every Super Bowl has included at least one team that has started 2-0.

3. Kerry Collins (2001) and Daunte Culpepper (2002) hold the record for most fumbles in one season with 23.

4. Since 1972, the Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record for largest point spread in a regular season game when they were a 27 point favorite over the expansion Buccaneers. The Steelers covered winning 42-0.

5. Former San Diego Charger Wes Chandler has the distinction of having the record for highest receiving yards per game for a season. He averaged 129 yards per game in 1982.

6. Since 1960, the NFL coach with the highest winning percentage is former telestrator extraordinaire John Madden with a .763 winning percentage from 1969-1978.

7. Willie McGinest holds the record for most sacks in a playoff game with 4.5 in a win over the Jaguars in 2006.

8. There have been many long runs in the history of the NFL, but Tony Dorsett holds the record as the only person ever to rush for 99 yards in one play which he did in 1982.

9. Notre Dame and USC hold the record for producing the most NFL Hall of Famers with 11 each.

10. Jackie Slater and Darrell Green hold the record for most seasons played with one team (non-kicker) each playing 20 seasons with the Rams and Redskins, respectively.

College Football Stats

11. Russell Wilson holds the NCAA record for consecutive games with a TD pass at 38.

12. Freddie Barnes of Bowling Green has the record for most receptions in a season with 155 in 2009.

13. Notre Dame holds the record for producing the most NFL players with 513.

14. Marshall Faulk holds the record for the most points scored per game over a career by a non-kicker at 12.1.

15. The record for longest drive in a game belongs to Navy, who drove the ball 94 yards in 14:26 against New Mexico in the 2004 Emerald Bowl. Despite the lengthy drive, Navy could not get in the end zone and settled for a 22 yard FG.

16. Former USC great Marcus Allen holds the record for most plays in a season totaling 432 (403 rushes and 29 receptions) in 1981.

17. The Purdue Boilermakers hold the team record for most passes attempted in one game with 83 in a game against Wisconsin in 1998. They completed 55.

18. The Oklahoma Sooners have the record for most consecutive wins with 57 from 1953-1957.

19. The USC Trojans hold the record for most consecutive wins over top 25 teams with 16 from 2002-2005.

20. The last tie game recorded in college football was a 3-3 tie between Wisconsin and Illinois in 1995.







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