Is Fran Tarkenton Dead or Alive?

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is-fran-tarkenton-aliveI was on Twitter today and on the “Who To Follow” box I was shocked to see that it was recommending I follow Fran Tarkenton.

My initial reaction was that I didn’t know that Fran Tarkenton was alive. I know a crap ton about sports, but Fran Tarkenton is one of those names like Bob Cousy that you just guess sometimes when an old timers question comes up and you need someone good. Do I know if either of them are dead or alive? No clue.

Well apparently Fran Tarkenton is not only well and kicking but he’s got his social media game on point. On top of that he’s also using  promoted tweets to try and get more followers. My mind is blown so it was at this point that I had to do some investigating.

First off, is this actually Fran Tarkenton’s Twitter account proving that he indeed is alive or is it some fan account?


At first it looks way too hashtagged up to be his actual profile. Considering I assume the dude is dead I didn’t think he’d be a master at SEO.

It was at this time that I Googled “Fran Tarkenton” to see if he was actually alive, since I’m still not 100% sure.

fran-tarkenton-googleNot only do I find out that Fran Tarkenton is alive, but here’s feuding with AJ McCarron and is pissed off at the Vikings. Everything that I thought I knew about Fran Tarkenton being dead has been blown out the window.

Unfortunately I don’t think that I have room for the alive Fran Tarkenton in my life. He seems to create drama like one of the New Jersey Housewives and I’ve got better things to do with my time. Like cooking bacon.

Sorry Fran Tarkenton but you aren’t gonna get my follow.

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