Is it better to have Ricky Davis or Larry Hughes shooting the ball?

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Larry Hughes and Ricky Davis. If your team was considering signing one of them then you are in big time trouble. These guys shoot more often than Ron Jeremy and they put the “shooting” in shooting guard. They are the NBA’s version of a “gunslinger”.

So the question that we know is on the minds of so many NBA fans: if your team had to sign one of these guys which would be better to have strictly from a shooting standpoint? We break it down for you.

Ricky Davis:

Career: 44.6% shooting from the field (which is shocking).  13.9 ppg.

Worst: 33.9% in 36 games with the Los Angeles Clippers at the end of his career. Otherwise 41% in 79 games with Cleveland in 02’ (he averaged a career high 20.6 ppg). That Cavaliers team went 17-65 and were 33 games out of first. On this team were some studs like Darius Miles, Dejuan Wagner, Bimbo Coles, and Smush Parker. Solid. The following year they drafted some guy named Lebron James.

Best: 50.3% in 48 games with the Charlotte Hornets in his second season (he only scored 4.7 ppg). 6 times in his 11 seasons he shot 44.8% from the field or better and only once did he shoot under 40%.

These numbers are absolutely shocking. I guess I should apologize to Ricky Davis for putting him in the same category as Larry Hughes.

Larry Hughes:

Career: 40.9% shooting from the field (this is more like it). 14.6 ppg.

Worst: his entire career.

5 times he shot less than 40% from the field. He only shot better than 43% from the field once in his 11 seasons. In 09-10’ he shot 35.5% from the field in 45 games and averaged less than 10 ppg.

He shot 38.9% in 32 games with the Golden State Warriors (averaging 22.7 ppg) after being traded from Philly. They went 19-63 and were 48 games out of first. This team was loaded with some goodness: end of his career John Starks, end of his career Billy Owens, Tim Legler, Bill Curley, and Vonteego Cummings.

Best: 46.7% in 67 games with the Washington Wizards in 01-02’. He averaged 12.8 ppg. His best ppg season was 04-05’ with Washington where he brought in 22.0 ppg. This team amazingly made the playoffs as Hughes shot his 2nd best percentage ever (43%).

Wow. Who would have thought that Ricky Davis would have won this contest by a landslide?

Rob Cressy

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