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I went to the Chicago Cubs vs Arizona Diamondbacks game on Saturday to drink watch the game at one of the rooftops. While there I came across some guy wearing a #11 Jones Cubs shirt and for the life of me couldn’t figure out who it was. I can pretty much tell you who was the backup catcher for the San Diego Padres 5 years ago (Michael Barrett) so figuring out who a player that was good enough to warrant someone buying his shirt shouldn’t be that hard. Unfortunately I’m ashamed to say that I was not able to figure it out and had to look it up. It was none other than Jacque Jones.

Jacque Jones Cubs shirt

Jacque Jones spent only two seasons with the Cubs and was a mixed bag of nuts. In 2006 he was pretty freaking awesome as he hit .285 with 27 dingers and 81 RBI’s. Regardless of which team you root for those are good numbers. If you root for the Cubs those are especially good numbers. Consider this, since that season only twice has a Cubs regular OF not named Jacque Jones hit .285 (Marlon Byrd and Alfonso Soriano) or hit more than 27 dingers (Soriano x2) in a season. Jones followed up his stellar 06′ with sort of a head scratcher type of year. He hit .285 which is good, but his shipment of “special vitamins” from Brady Anderson must have gone missing because he only hit 5 HR’s that year. For a guy coming off a career high for HR’s this is very odd. Jones was never a huge power hitter but come on, 5? Here’s a list of Cubs players that aren’t exactly Sammy Sosa that hit more than 5 HR’s that year: Cliff Floyd (9), Mark DeRosa (10), Michael Barrett (9) – yep, that same Michael Barrett from the trivia question above, and Matt Murton (8). That was Jones lowest HR total of any season in which he played 95 or more games.

Don’t you feel better now that you know more about Jacque Jones two year Chicago Cubs career?

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