Jamaal Charles in Charge, Mr Perfect Plays Fantasy Football, Jay Cutler, and Toilet Basketball

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jay-cutler-mr-perfectHappy Monday Baconators. We understand if you aren’t giving 110% today. Fantasy football playoffs, holiday parties, and keeping up with Mack Brown and Texas can leave a pretty bad hangover come the start of the week. To try and help make your day a little better I’m gonna look back at the weekend that was, through the eyes of Bacon Sports.


At a white elephant party on Saturday I snatched this bad boy, a toilet basketball set. Taking a dump is great, add in the opportunity to work on my J and you’ve got a winning gift. I love how the guy on the box is in toilet triple threat position. He can shoot, drive to the lane (albeit that would be messy), or dish off to someone else.


At that same while elephant party someone won a pack of 1986 Topps baseball cards. In that pack was this gem, a Dennis Eckersley Cubs card. In case you were wondering, Eck played three seasons with the Cubs, all as a starter, where he went 27-26 with a 3.63 ERA. After that he went to Oakland where he became the best closer in baseball not named Mariano Rivera. That’s so Cubs.


We tweeted out that the Dennis Eckersley card would be the most random thing that people see all night. Then @TheLeavellShow sent over this pic of Christian Okoye looking like someone took his dog and then forced him to take a picture in the middle of a Kansas field. Poor Nigerian Nightmare.

Check this out. Meat Cards: Business cards made of meat and lasers


Who knew that Mr. Perfect played fantasy football? Talk about running into a buzzsaw of a lineup.


I want Charles in Charge of me! What a day out of Jamaal Charles yesterday.


Jay Cutler shows you how to hustle.

The most fun way to sack Geno Smith.

Alshon Jeffery catching the ball like a boss. Alshon Jeffery > Josh Gordon.

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