Pour Up, Drank, Head Shot, Drank

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You’ve really got to question the sanity of someone casually rocking a JaMarcus Russell Raiders jersey. Which of these scenarios for how and why he is rocking this jersey is most likely?

A. He is so oblivious to what he wears every day that he pulled the first thing he saw out of his closet. Since it was black and shiny like a fishing lure that was good enough for him. He is completely unaware of who JaMarcus Russell is and he doesn’t even know how he acquired this article of clothing.

B. He’s a fair-weather Raiders fan who supports the team but doesn’t actually care, as evident by continuing to wear the jersey of one of the worst draft picks in NFL history.

I don’t see any other scenarios. Obviously I love random jerseys and get the game of wearing a jersey for the irony of it. However, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Limas Sweed Steelers jersey and he was 10000% less relevant and a bust than former number one overall pick JaMarcus Russell, who set the Raiders franchise back years because of his love of purple drank.

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