Screw Wheaties, this is the best way to start your morning

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Jeff Blake Saints jersey

How do I know that football is right around the corner? On my way to the train this morning I walked past a guy rocking a Jeff Blake New Orleans Saints jersey. Yes, a Jeff freaking Blake jersey at 8 am on a Thursday. I just about did a backflip when I saw this. This guy didn’t look like the type of guy that was rocking a jersey because he was happy that the NFL was back but I don’t care. You know it’s going to be a great day when one of the first three people that you see in the morning is wearing the jersey of a random QB that spent about a second and a half with the team (11 starts to be exact).

So the question that I know all of you are wondering about right now….would you rather have Jeff Blake or Aaron Brooks as your quarterback? To give you some context: Jeff Blake had a career 39-61 record and Aaron Brooks had a 38-52 record. I’d choose Jeff Blake because he threw one of the prettiest deep balls ever. Just watch this montage video and you’ll agree.


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