Jeff George at QB, Tiger 2.0, and Clayton Kershaw. A bunch of sports ranting

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sports-rants-jeff-georgeI’m just gonna rant about stuff.

This upcoming football season I am totally rooting for a bunch of NFL starting and backup QB’s to get injured (no one specifically) and for times to get so desperate that the yearly “Jeff George just talked to Adam Schefter and said that his arm is lubed up and feels like he’s 27 years old. He’d love to come back to the Vikings” talk happens. See, I root for this every year. I root for it in the same way that I root for John Daly in every golf tournament that he’s in. I root for the absurd story that has a Red Sox down 3-0 to the Yankees and needing Dave Roberts to steal second base in order to save the season kinda feel to it. The 1980 US Men’s Hockey team proved that miracles do happen so how about a miracle happening to Jeff George. I’m not even asking that he come back and play like Bubby Brister did in 1998 with the Broncos when he went 4-0 in place of John Elway en route to the Broncos winning the Super Bowl. Yes, Bubby Brister helped them win the Super Bowl (second reference of this this week). I just want him to get 1 snap and if possible one deep ball. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Jeff George throw a 70 yard TD bomb to Cordarrelle Patterson.

I dug the first episode of Breaking Bad. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I’ll say that I put it in 3rd all time behind The Wire (#1), The Sopranos (#2…barely). I’d probably put Sons of Anarchy 4th.

Owning Clayton Kershaw in fantasy baseball is like sitting in first class. You don’t know what it’s like until you experience it and when you do it’s freaking awesome.

Three weeks ago I traded Clayton Kershaw in a package deal alongside Colby Rasmus and Rafael Betancourt for Edwin Encarnacion, Carlos Beltran, and Jerrod Parker. That’s my price for first class.

Owning BJ Upton in two fantasy leagues this year has been less enjoyable then thinking about being a Jets fan.

I think that DeMarcus Cousins is the next Zach Randolph. Super talented dude who doesn’t have his head on straight early on. I saw that today was his birthday. No way I want him on my team.

Tiger 2.0 is lame. Someone take him on a guys trip to Vegas, get him to Spearmint Rhino, and get his groove back. Not winning Majors isn’t sexy. Just ask Lee Westwood.

As a Pirates fan I’ve been very wrong on two players. AJ Burnett and Russell Martin. Who woulda thunk?

Last year I switched from ESPN pre-game to exclusively NFL Network. Rich Eisen is top notch. If you haven’t already you should listen to the podcast that he did with Larry David. It’s very funny.

Wilford Brimley Diabeetus jokes never get old.





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