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Holy Crap! It’s a Jeff McInnis Random Jersey

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Jeff McInnis JerseyJeff McInnis Cavaliers jersey

Wow Factor of this Jersey: 10 out of 10. This Jeff McInnis Cavaliers jersey is about as good as it gets and belongs in the random jersey hall of fame.

Why is this an awesome jersey? When you Google “Jeff McInnis” he isn’t even the first Jeff McInnis to appear. Apparently there is a guy who was on Top Chef named Jeff McInnis who is more popular than him.

The basketball version was an average at best point guard who was on the Cavaliers for only a year and a half. While in Cleveland he shot a Larry Hughes-like 41% from the floor. He was acquired by the Cavs in one of the biggest pile of crap trades ever. The Trail Blazers sent McInnis and Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje to Cleveland for Darius Miles. There’s no way that either fan base was happy with that one.

Probably the most note worthy thing about Jeff McInnis is that he once got into a fist fight with Charles Oakley (it was believed to be over a woman). Unless that woman is a Victoria Secret Super Model that owns a hovercraft there is no one worthy of getting into a fight with Charles Oakley over.  Oak is freaking crazy, built like a tank, and probably in the top three for NBA players I’d least want to fight.

According to Basketball Reference McInnis ranks behind Chris Dudley, Charlie Ward, Greg Ostertag and Bimbo Coles but ahead of Oliver Miller and Jon Koncak in the All Time player rankings. Now to put this Hoopster rocking a Jeff McInnis jersey into perspective, could you imagine someone walking around with a Greg Ostertag jersey? I think not.

Here’s Jeff McInnis draft video from back in 96′. He wasn’t exactly lighting the NBA world on fire when the Nuggets drafted him in the 2nd round.


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