Terribly Awesome Baseball Card of the Day: Jeff McKnight

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jeff-mcknight-baseball-card-awfulJeff McKnight, 1991 Topps

There is a whole lot of goodness going on with this card. Obviously Jeff’s mustache and hair are on another planet so we’ll get back to them in a second. First off, what’s up with the 3B-2B designation? Can’t say I’ve ever seen it like that. Stupid detail? Sure. But behind every stupid card/decision is a person who was bad at their job and made the decision to go forward with it. That’s worth noting.

Now on to the super obvious stuff. Jeff looks like he wears jean shorts, drives a van, is from a place where there are rattle snakes, and at some point in his life he owned a dirt bike. This is also a great example of why Ho Grant wore rec specs. In case you were wondering, Jeff was a career .233 hitter who had 5 home runs in 404 career at bats.



Rob Cressy

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