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Last Sunday I was at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago and Hoopster Nation made an appearance, though they didn’t have as strong of a presence as some other festivals. There were also a lot random sports fans so there was a good mixture of off the wall sports attire at this festival. Here’s some of the best of what I saw:

Jason Heyward jersey

I haven’t seen many Jason Heyward fans before but if this picture is any indication he’s got a way different fan base than I thought he’d had. Extra bonus points for the USA themed tshirt jersey. Ain’t nothing wrong with supporting the Stars n Stripes!

Larry Johnson Jersey

The dilemma I had with this Larry Johnson Charlotte Hornets jerseys is that he is on the verge of being too good of a player for me to post his jersey. There’s nothing cool about seeing a Patrick Ewing or Charles Barkley jersey. They were Superstar calibre players so wearing their jersey makes sense (thus it’s not interesting). Grandmama gets a pass because he was good but not great and had a pretty cool Converse commercial which was memorable (or at least it was back when I was 13).  Plus, despite the fact that I hated the Knicks I can still remember when he had that four point play in the waining moments vs the Indiana Pacers. His best days were in Charlotte when it was him, Zo’, Muggsy Bogues, Dell Curry, and Kendall Gill. They ushered in a new era of cool and though they never made an NBA Finals, they were an exciting team.

Randy Moss Raiders Jersey

My guess is that the only reason why this kid is wearing a Randy Moss Oakland Raiders jersey is because he’s on drugs and he found this jersey at the Thrift Store for $3. His haircut doesn’t say “Ironic Sports Fan” and he doesn’t have tattoo’s so he’s definitely not a true Raiders fan. Moss only played two seasons with the Raiders so this jersey is impressive, regardless of why it is being worn. If this guy really wanted to step his game up he’d rock a Randy Moss Tennessee Titans jersey. Now we are talking obscure.

NBA logo tattoo

David Stern has to be very proud of this picture…sort of. He’s got to love that someone out there was so devoted to the NBA that he decided to get the logo tattooed on his ankle. The hesitation that David Stern probably has is that this guy is also wearing an anklet. Unless your name is Kelly Slater and you are carrying a surfboard there is no other excuse for wearing an anklet (especially at the age of 30+ like this guy).

Michael Jordan 45 Bulls Jersey

There is an exception to the “player can’t be too good to post his jersey” rule and that is the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls #45 jersey (shout out to Danny Weiss for this one). Michael Jordan was all world for his entire career except for when he wore the 45 jersey. When he dawned this bad boy the Bulls lost to the Orlando Magic in the playoffs. That ain’t good. Jordan wore #45 when he was on the Birmingham Barons and did so to honor his brother Larry who wore that number in High School. This jersey should make true NBA/Bulls fans smile as it is probably the most obscure part of the Michael Jordan era (if that’s even possible).

Jim Jackson Mavericks Jersey

The best jersey of the festival goes to my friend Kenny who’s rocking a Jimmy Jackson Dallas Mavericks jersey. Jimmy Jackson was actually a really good player. He was drafted fourth overall by the Mavericks and in his first four seasons there averaged 16.2, 19.2, 25.7, and 19.6 ppg to go with almost 5 boards. In 97′ the Mavericks traded him along with Sam Cassell, Chris Gatling, George McCloud, and Eric Montross to the New Jersey Nets for Shawn Bradley, Ed O’Bannon, Robert Pack, and Khalid Reeves. I think I just got an NBA trade boner after reading those names. Talk about an impressive crew/bag of crap. Jackson continued to be a very good player after that trade but never came close to the 25.7 ppg that he averaged in 94′-95′. My favorite part about the Jimmy Jackson era in Dallas is the rumor that there was a love triangle between him, Jason Kidd, and Toni Braxton. The NBA is FANNNNN-TASTIC!

Scottie Pippen Blazers jersey

On the surface it would look like this Scottie Pippen Portland Trailblazers jersey would break the rule of posting a jersey of a good player. Like with the Michael Jordan #45 Bulls jersey there is an exception to be made. Pippen was a shell of his former self when he left Chicago (note: he had a brief one season stop in Houston where his numbers first started to decline). Sure his all around numbers in Portland were still decent (5 boards and 5 dimes per game) but his scoring plunged and he averaged a career low 10-12 ppg over his four years. Despite not playing up to his Hall of Fame calibre level the Trailblazers paid him an ungodly amount of money ($14 mill, $13.7, $18, and $19.7). To put this into perspective, he averaged about $2.5-$3 million per year when he was with the Bulls. No one is going to think of Scottie Pippen as a Portland Trailblazer, thus this jersey is interesting.

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