John Starks Knicks Jersey at Lollapalooza

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Hoopster rocking a John Starks jersey

John Starks Knicks Jersey

Wow Factor of this Random Jersey: 6.5 out of 10. There are so few John Starks fans that actually seeing someone rock his jersey is like seeing JR Smith actually hit a clutch shot in the 4th quarter…it doesn’t happen often.

Unless you were a Knicks fan there’s a pretty good chance that you couldn’t stand John Starks. He was brash, played physical, and was the type of player that fans loved to hate. He didn’t seem like he was always there (mentally) which is why he sort of reminds me of Delonte West. The only difference is that John Starks didn’t sleep with LeBron’s Mom and he could dunk better. Starks is most remembered for “The Dunk”.

Here are some things you probably didn’t know/remember about John Starks:

  • He played for the Bulls in the 99′-00′ season. It only lasted four games and have gave them 7.5 ppg.
  • He finished his career with the Utah Jazz.
  • In what has to be seen as a career highlight, Starks was previously the coach for the Maulers, a Slamball team.
  • The low point of his career was when he shot 0 for 10 in the 4th quarter and 2 for 18 overall in Game 7 of the NBA Finals vs. the Rockets. Even Ricky Davis thinks those are horrible shooting numbers.

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