Johnny Manziel: Your Next Cowboys QB

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Johnny Manziel missed today’s game vs the Steelers with a concussion but apparently was spotted at a Las Vegas casino last night. Whatever. What do you want him to do, be on the sidelines talking up Austin Davis instead of partying? Please. He ain’t getting laid holding a clipboard in Cleveland not drinking Red Bull & vodka

Anyways, while searching for jerseys I came across this Johnny Manziel Cowboys jersey which looks to be from a Texas Rangers game earlier this year. I’ve said this three times in the last week, but the current state of Dallas Cowboys fandom is at an absolute low.

This is now the third custom Cowboys jersey of a quarterback that is on a different team. We’ve also got an RGIII Cowboys jersey and a half RGIII Redskins half Tony Romo Cowboys jersey.

Somewhere Troy Aikman wants to puke after seeing this.

H/T: DavidInAlief

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