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1-and-done-challengeThe NBA Playoffs are right around the corner so like we did with our Best Ball Masters Challenge we wanted to make sure that we had some side action going on. That’s why we are running a group for the 1 And Done NBA Playoff Challenge (via ESPN). The format is simple:

Pick one player for each day of the NBA playoffs and earn points for the stats he puts up that day. Once you use a player, you can’t use him for the rest of the playoffs, and the points multiply the later you get into the playoffs. (Second-round games get you double points, conference title games get you triple points, NBA Finals games get you quadruple points.) The goal is to get the most points throughout the course of the playoffs.

As a heads up, you need to make sure that you submit a different player for your lineup EVERY DAY of the playoffs. The playoffs start on Saturday so you’ll be doing this every day between now and when the NBA Champion is determined.

The winner of our group challenge will receive a signed Ed O’Bannon New Jersey Nets picture (yep, that’s how we roll). Second place will receive two Bacon Sports “Canadian Bacon Punts on 3rd Down” koozies.


To sign up for this challenge (which is free) you can go here and feel free to invite your friends. The playoffs start Saturday at 3 pm eastern so make sure to submit your entry before then.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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