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masters-best-ball-challengeHello Friends. It’s the most exciting week of the year for golf fans and at Bacon Sports we’ve got you covered. We put together a Best Ball Masters Challenge (via ESPN) to make things more interesting and get your fantasy juices flowing. This competition will also run for all four Majors (combined) though you can participate in just one if you’d like.

The format is pretty simple. You’ve got a salary cap and have to draft four golfers. You can change your lineup each round if you’d like (thought you don’t have to). Here’s the actual rules/format (which was hard to find on their site)

1. Foursomes. All golfers in the tournament fields are assigned a salary value based on a combination of their current world rank, previous year results and projected finish. Entrants must select four (4) golfers to form a complete active foursome while staying under the specified entry salary cap of $50M. Golfer’s rating values are set and will not change for the duration of the Segment. Foursomes that exceed the entry rating limit will receive no points.  Entrant must make new selections at the beginning of each Segment.

2. Scoring. The Promotion uses a “best ball” scoring format. During the Segment, the hole-by-hole score for each of the golfers on your foursome will be compared for each hole of the Segment. The lowest number of strokes credited to a golfer on your foursome will be your score for each hole (Example: If three golfers finish a hole with four strokes and one finishes with three, you will receive a score of three). The scores for each regulation hole (playoffs not included) will be aggregated and will represent your final score for the Segment.

We’ll be giving away a t-shirt from our friends at to the first place winner and second place will receive 2 Bacon Sports “Canadian Bacon Punts on 3rd down” koozies.

Also, we’ll be giving away swag for each of the other Majors plus a grand prize for the overall winner of all four Majors.

Here’s the link to join on ESPN (it’s free). Feel free to forward on to others.

Also, if you are a Jim Nantz fan then don’t forget to check out our custom Hello Friends t-shirt.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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