Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Jon Koncak

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jon-koncak-hawks-skybox-cardAll right stop, collaborate and listen. Sure, Jon Koncak was a white boy in a black man’s game, but I never realized that parallel between Koncak and Vanilla Ice until I saw the hairdo he’s wearing on this card. The seven-foot first round pick of the Atlanta Hawks made a lot of money without having much talent. In 1989, Jon Koncak was dubbed “Jon Contract” when he received a six-year $13 million dollar contract after putting up just 4.7 points per game during the prior season. This may seem like a pittance of a salary by today’s standards, but at the time, this was a higher salary than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird were being paid.

On a side note, the design of 1991 Skybox set is horrid. Skybox’s 1990 debut basketball set was sleek and stylish, but this design looks like a fifth grade stencil project gone wrong. I give it a grade of F for Freaking hideous.

Jim Gruseck

Jim Gruseck

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