Kaner in the shootout and Bob Probert destroying people

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uncle-joey-and-clark-frontTonight one third of the original six go head to head to start the second round of the NHL playoffs. The Presidents trophy winning Chicago Blackhawks versus the hated, 7th seeded, soon to be non-divisional rival Detroit Red Wings. If you’re a Hawks fan there is a lot to be excited about. Most importantly, you want to send the Wings packing early for the Eastern Conference as quick as getting your mother-in-law on the road back home.

The most exciting player in the shoot-outs for the Blackhawks is good old number 88 Patrick Kane. Goalies hate him, fear him and try not to look stupid while defending the crease. Here’s a compilation of shootout goals by Kaner, the first being against Jimmy Howard. After that embarrassment I am pretty confident Jimmy Howard had to seek professional help to have the courage and strength to get back in net. Here’s to #88 doing what he does best, making sick moves and having goalies look stupid.

There may not be as many fights as we all would like in this playoff series, but in the storied history of these two franchises one great pugilist has walked on both sides of the fence. The late Bob Probert, one of the greatest gatherers of penalty minutes in the history of the NHL and a man who never missed a line, both on and off the ice. Here is a video that shows Probbie all geeked up and doing what he does best, kicking ass for both teams in red.