Kevin Jones Random Jersey Cooking Up Some Kabobs

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Kevin Jones Jersey

Kevin Jones Lions Jersey

Wow Factor of this Random Jersey: 8 out of 10. Very random, very average at best player (except for one year).

Former Lion RB bust Kevin Smith re-signed with the Lions today. When he was on the Lions he wore #34. That gives us the opportunity to present another Lions RB who also wore #34…Kevin Jones. This photo was captured at a Polish street festival in Chicago. Nothing says Polish like pierogies, kraut, and Kevin Jones jerseys.

Jones started his career with a blaze of glory as he was only the third Lions rookie to rush for 1000 yards. Unfortunately after that he was as reliable as a truck stop bathroom condom and never rushed for more than 689 yards. His career only lasted 5 years and then he was out of the league. He is now back at Virginia Tech trying to get his degree in Industrial Design.

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