Knicks Fan: Why Can’t Team Be More Like The Jets

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Last night the New York Knicks lost their franchise record 16th consecutive game and fans in New York are asking why the team can’t be more like the Jets.

“The Jets finished the season on a one game win streak. That’s something the Knicks haven’t done in over a month,” said Knicks fan Bernard Coleman. “I can only hope the Knicks get hot and somehow manage to finish the season with a .250 winning percentage like the Jets did.”

The Knicks are currently 5-36 and have a .122 winning percentage. In order to finish at or better than the Jets the Knicks would need to go 16-25 over their next 41 games.

“That’s unlikely unless Carmelo Anthony watches the game tape of Geno Smith’s Week 17 performance against the Dolphins where he went off for 358 yards passing, and 3 TD’s,” exclaimed Bernard. “You see how he’s sharing the ball like that?! That’s what it takes to win!”

As for Coleman’s thoughts on Derek Fisher’s performance as head coach, “I can only hope that Derek Fisher takes a page from Rex Ryan and learns what it takes to not be the worst team in the league. I know that’s asking a lot, but Rex always found a way to get to his players. The Jets finished the season winning two out of their last three games and I’d give my left nut for the Knicks to win two out of three.”

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