5 Ways for Lakers Fans to Cope with the Season Ahead

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I’m a hardcore, die-hard Lakers fan. In my lifetime, they’ve won five championships. I’ve been spoiled by their dominance. Then last year happened. When Nick Young and Iggy Azalea are the biggest storyline of the season, you know your team has problems.

This year isn’t looking much better. Sure, there are reasons to be optimistic. I love the young draft picks – D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle – but pretty much every sports writer in the nation has my boys at the bottom of the Western Conference standings. We Lakers fans must find ways to cope with what’s looking like another difficult season. Here are five:

1. Find yourself a backup team in the Eastern Conference so you have something to cheer for.

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One caveat: this team cannot be the Celtics. There’s still bad blood like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Maybe the Bulls or the Hawks? Having a backup team will make life less depressing when the Lakers stink.

2. Buy a bunch of Kobe attire for nostalgia.

Let’s face it, this could be it. As tough as it is to consider life without Kobe, this could be his last season in LA. Milk it for all it’s worth, and frame that #24 jersey.

3. Save the Lakers Wikipedia page to your bookmarks and reference the happy sections every time Swaggy P. air balls a 3.

He’s bound to do it. The Lakers Wiki will be your happy pills.

4. When you get really fed up, look at pics of Khloe Kardashian to channel your anger elsewhere.

And say a little prayer to the basketball gods for Lamar Odom, who helped your team win back-to-back championships.

5. Watch YouTubes of Jack Nicholson at Lakers games to remind you how awesome it is to be a Lakers fan.

This never fails to put me in a good mood. Jack is the best celebrity fan in sports. Period.

There you have it, Lakers fans. My hope is that we won’t need to employ any of these strategies, but my gut tells me the Lakers will be worse than Adrian Peterson’s seafood allergy. I think the odds of Andy Dalton NOT blowing another playoff game are actually higher than the Lakeshow making the playoffs. Regardless, my Laker love will never waver.

Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos

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