Larry Bird picture giveaway for Facebook

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In case you didn’t know BaconSports has both a Facebook page as well as one for Twitter. On Facebook we run contests, post videos and pictures, and just get the conversation going about random sports stuff. On Twitter it’s nothing but banter about what’s going on in sports past or present. We are running a contest where if you like our Facebook page by Oct 31 you’ll be entered to win this sweet 8×10 picture of Larry Bird. Who wouldn’t want an awesome photo of Larry the Legend rocking his old school Converse, 80’s nut huggers, and showing us his perfect shooting form? It’s not hard so like us, tell your friends, and sit back and enjoy the unique content we bring you. We aren’t like other sports blogs so you aren’t going to see the same videos and links that gets recycled by everyone else. We love bad and random jerseys, 80’s/90’s sports, fans in the stands, and dropping knowledge to help make you a smarter sports fan. Every month we are going to start giving away bigger prizes for those people that send us random jersey pics and interact with us on Facebook and Twitter so it’ll only get better from here. Thanks to all of you who have supported us up to this point, we really appreciate it.

larry bird picture

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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