Let’s play the What if game NBA edition

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barkley-nashSports are captivating and addicting for many reasons; but at the forefront is their level of unpredictability. Amazing things happen. Things that are unexpected, or even expected, but achieved in remarkable fashion. A lot of fans drive themselves mad playing the “What if” game. What if that guy made that shot? What if we didn’t trade that guy away? So on and so forth. It’s fascinating to think about how the course of our fandom could’ve changed if any of these things went the other way – did or did not happen. With that, I’ve decided to get the ball rolling – NBA edition.

What if the Portland Trail Blazers selected Michael Jordan with the second pick in the 1984 NBA Draft?

What if Michael Jordan missed the shot over Craig Ehlo?

What if Charles Barkley never left the 76ers?

What if Michael Jordan hadn’t retired after the Bulls ’93 title?

What if Shaquille O’Neal never left Orlando?

What if Michael Jordan never came back?

What if Kobe Bryant wasn’t traded to the Lakers on Draft Day?

What if Michael Jordan missed the shot after crossing up Byron Russell?

What if Michael Jordan hadn’t retired after the Bulls ’98 title?

What if Jerry Krause didn’t blow up the Bulls roster after MJ’s retirement?

What if the Grizzlies never moved to Memphis?

What if Mark Cuban never bought the Mavericks?

What if LeBron James had to play a year of college basketball?

What if Steve Nash never left Dallas?

What if Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal got along during and after the 2003-04 season?

What if Kobe Bryant didn’t change his number from #8 to #24?

What if LeBron James decided to stay in Cleveland?

What if Greg Oden didn’t get hurt the first time? Or second time? Or third? Fourth? Fifth?

What if the NBA cleared the trade of Chris Paul to the Lakers?

What if Jack Nicholson cheered for the Clippers?

What did we leave off? Are there any “What if’s” that we forgot about? Let us know below in the comments.