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Life Hack: Naked Pre-Shower Pushups

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I’m always working on creating new life hacks and routines to make my life better and more efficient. Recently I started doing daily naked pushups as I waited for the shower to warm up and it’s been a life hack that I highly recommend to everyone. Here’s how it all goes down and my thought process.

When you jump in the shower you’ve got a 30 second time period between when you turn it on and when the water is warm enough to jump in. During that time I found myself just standing there doing nothing or looking at myself in the mirror. I mean what else really is there to do? It’s not like I can get a quick nine in at the golf course.

As someone who is always trying to improve my fitness, confidence, and mental strength I decided that as I stand there naked I’d drop down and do 25 pushups. This took me 30 seconds-ish and when I was done I hopped in the shower feeling slightly more swoll and confident. It was then that I realized how simple and easy it was to incorporate this routine into my life, and the benefits that could come from continuing to do it.

I not only continued to do 25 pushups every time I got into the shower but every two weeks I decided to add 5 more pushups to the routine. That way I was getting stronger while also achieving a goal and becoming more confident. I’m happy to say that I’m now up to 50 pushups every time and look forward to doing them.

In terms of breaking this life hack down it’s simple. If you do 25 pushups pre-shower every day for a year you’ll have done 9,125 pushups. Increase that to 50 and you are at over 18,000 pushups. All by doing something that takes less than a minute per day, which is an amount of time that 100% of people in this world have.

We are all getting older and there’s always excuses for why you don’t work out. Don’t underestimate the power of saying to yourself, “at least I did my naked pushups” if you weren’t able to make it to the gym (bonus points for doing it after you get back from the gym.) It can give yourself a mental and physical boost and it’s investing in your 9,125 yearly pushups. Even doing one is greater than doing zero.

You didn’t think I’d skip over the doing the pushups naked part did you? Please. Doing pushups naked is great. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it gives you a different rhythm than most people have (which is something that I’m a big fan of). Think about how many things you do naked not including practicing making babies. Not many. It’s even fewer when you throw in the fitness activities.

For guys the obvious thing that comes to mind with naked pushups is, “won’t my junk touch the floor?” Yes, yes it will (if you are using proper form, don’t cheat yourself). I find that kinda funny (and you likely will too). For the ladies out there I can imagine that your version of this will be your boobs hitting the floor. Embrace it. Life is more fun when you are fun.

Doing pushups naked also makes me think of prison. No doubt I hope this is the closest I ever come to prison, but it feels kinda primal (also in a good way). You’ve gotta do more than others to survive and get ahead. It reminds me of Juice from Sons of Anarchy. He knows what’s up.

naked pushups

When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you are more confident. Doing pre-shower naked pushups every day is a life hack that has certainly been a benefit to me and I hope it is for you too.


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