Jerseys Jerseys Everywhere: Lollapalooza 2016 Edition

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Lolla jerseys 2016 (33)

Lollapalooza is the Olympics of rocking jerseys.

On Saturday my mission was to take pictures of the best jerseys I saw at the Olympics.

I wore my Saturday’s best (a Calbert Cheaney Wizards jersey.)

Armed with a camera, my friends, and an incredible lineup of tunes to get down to (Big Grams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Perry’s Stage) it was a day filled with nothing but high fives, dance moves, and smiles.

I was blown away at the number of people at Lolla rocking jerseys.

Every year the trend of rocking jerseys has continued to increase but holy smokes Batman. There were sports jerseys EVERYWHERE!

No joke, if you looked around in a complete circle I guarantee you would see not only one person rocking a jersey but likely several.

In a random picture I counted seven people, who weren’t all together, rocking jerseys.


Without a doubt basketball jerseys were the most represented, with a few NFL and MLB jerseys sprinkled in, and one singular hockey jersey (it was a Blackhawks.)

I’ll be doing a Hoopster Nation podcast later this week breaking down the Lolla jersey trends, the best & worst, player jerseys I did and did not see, and everything in between so I’ll save the chatter for then. (Subscribe to the Bacon Sports Podcast on iTunes so you don’t miss it!)

If you’ve got any thoughts on one of the Lolla jerseys then drop me a line on Snapchat @baconsports or on Twitter @baconsports.

By the way, these jerseys are posted in order of when I saw them (starting at noon on Saturday.)


Lolla jerseys 2016 (1)

Let’s get this Lolla jersey party started with some Chi-town flavor. There were a lot of Dennis Rodman Bulls jerseys floating around Lolla. This was the only Sammy Sosa I saw. In the middle is a Will Smith Bel-Air Academy jersey, one which was seen quite often.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (2)

I prefer to remember when playing with Mike Vick in Madden was like using Odd Job in Golden Eye.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (3)

Shout out to my man @HookTSB for rocking this Cherokee Parks Duke jersey. This is the first time in my life that I’ve seen anyone other than myself rocking a Cherokee Parks jersey (I’ve got the Mavs version.)

Lolla jerseys 2016 (4)

Definitely my favorite version of Astros jersey.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (5)

This version of Denver Nuggets jersey is my absolute favorite. I prefer to call it the Alex English version. Shout out to this hoopster for rocking the Allen Iverson. This won’t be the last that we see of AI.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (6)

If you run into a girl wearing a Jon Barry Pistons jersey get on one knee on the spot. She’s a keeper!

Lolla jerseys 2016 (7)

Nirvana fans love Wilson Chandler.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (8)

I was surprised at the lack of Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys at Lolla. It’s not that they weren’t represented, they were, but not at the volume that I would have thought consider them winning the title. I expected to see as many Cavs jerseys as any team other than the Bulls but that wasn’t the case.

This isn’t the last that we’ll see of this Michael Jordan #45 White Sox jersey.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (9)

Jason Kidd Mavs jersey getting some run.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (10)

There were a noticeable rise in customized college basketball jerseys, a trend that I definitely like. Big shout out to this dude rocking a Gary Payton Oregon State jersey. Most people don’t even know that The Glove went there.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (11)


Lolla jerseys 2016 (12)

The only Mutombo jersey I saw all day.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (13)

John Stockton looking for his Karl Malone. Apparently the Mailman doesn’t deliver on Saturday’s either.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (14)

More beers for Bill Laimbeer please.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (15)

The most represented baseball player without a doubt was Ken Griffey Jr (rightfully so.) The volume of his jersey, on various teams, was definitely in the top 5 overall of any player jersey at Lollapalooza.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (16)

Here’s the first Dwyane Wade Bulls jersey of the day. There weren’t as many of them roaming around as you would have thought. That Paul Pierce jersey would have been better had it been a Nets.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (17)

An under the radar jersey this year was “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson. I saw three of them (all different teams.)

Lolla jerseys 2016 (18)

(Said in a Shaq voice): Big Fundamental.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (19)

There’s always room to give dap to someone rocking a White Chocolate Kings jersey. #handles4dayz #mixtape

Lolla jerseys 2016 (20)

I’m a big fan of these Sonics jerseys. The Glove on the board with a two spot.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (21)

Magic Johnson’s Michigan State college jersey got some good run at Lolla. I saw a few of these roaming around. Even though it was my first time seeing one I already put it in the “common” category.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (22)

This is a second Bill Laimbeer Pistons jersey. Who knew he was so popular, especially in Chicago. (Note: Bill Laimbeer is possibly my least favorite basketball player ever #GoBulls)

Lolla jerseys 2016 (23)

Bob McAdoo coming out of no where.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (24)

The most represented baseball player jersey was definitely Anthony Rizzo, rightfully so. He’s awesome. These Padres All-Star jerseys, however, are not awesome. They look like poo.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (25)

Out of respect I had to get a few Michael Jordan jerseys in there.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (26)

Isaiah Rider Timberwolves jersey like whoa!

Lolla jerseys 2016 (27)

I’m a huge fan of Dominique Wilkins. I had his poster on my wall as a kid. Naturally I love this jersey. Only problem is that I saw at least two others of this exact one roaming around Lolla.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (28)

Ben Wallace career stats with the Pistons: 6.6 points, 11.1 boards, 2.3 blocks, 1.4 steals. Dude was a defensive beast. Pop Quiz: Where did Ben Wallace go to college? I’ll give you the answer after the next jersey.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (29)

My man Seamus going super hard in the paint with an Eric Murdock Bucks jersey. Definitely a Top 5 jersey of Lolla.

Answer: Ben Wallace went to Virginia Union.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (30)

We scheduled a Bacon Sports meetup at the Lolla sign and my fellow Hoopster Nation contributor Gibson Smith was next to arrive in his Saturday’s best: an Erick Dampier Mavericks jersey. That’s me on the right rocking the Calbert Cheaney Wizards jersey.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (32)

James Harden got game.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (33)

The third member of the Hoopster Nation arrives, Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips, in an Orlando Magic Darrell Armstrong jersey, alongside his girlfriend in a Tim Thomas Bucks jersey (amazing.) The rest of Gibson’s family and crew arrive, all rocking jerseys. #familygoals

Lolla jerseys 2016 (34)

Jerseys from left to right: Richard Hamilton Pistons, Tayshaun Prince, Latrell Sprewell Knicks, Rasheed Wallace Pistons, Erick Dampier Mavericks, Tim Thomas Bucks, Darrell Armstrong Magic, Calbert Cheaney Wizards, and Eric Murdock Bucks. #YouComeAtTheKingYouBestNotMiss

Lolla jerseys 2016 (35)

Gotta give Perry Ellis some love.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (36)

Two trends here: 1. There were a ton of girls at Lolla rocking jerseys. A TON. 2. Toni Kukoc Bulls jerseys were well represented. More than you’d expect. I like it. I met Toni Kukoc once and he was a cool dude.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (37)

Joe Dumars is a mixed bag of success. Baller on the court. Won an NBA title as a player and GM. Drafted Darko ahead of Melo. You can’t win them all.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (38)

Former 76ers stars holding court at Perry’s stage.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (39)

The “I can’t believe I’m seeing so many of his jersey” award goes to Giannis Antetokounmpo. Definitely in the Top 10, maybe Top 7, for frequency. Big shout out to this couple, by the way, for the dueling jerseys. #CouplesThatRockJerseysTogetherStayTogether

Lolla jerseys 2016 (40)

The lone Emeka Okafor fan at Lolla.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (41)

Shawn Kemp jerseys are usually over saturated at music festivals but surprisingly that wasn’t the case today.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (42)

The lone Muggsy Bogues jersey that I saw.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (43)

Former Pistons legend Allen Iverson. And yes, there were a lot of AI jerseys.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (44)

The Chosen Rosen making an appearance. College football is less than a month away! Hallelujah! To get your juices flowing I had college football God Phil Steele on the podcast to talk shop. It’s amazing.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (45)

This is one of my top 3 favorite pictures from Lolla. It starts with the old school Mavs Wesley Matthews jerseys. Like whoa. Then complimenting it with an MJ #23. This is what dreams are made of.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (46)

I damn near killed myself trying to get a pic of this Fred Jones Pacers jersey. Like seeing Bigfoot, when you catch a glimpse of a Fred Jones Pacers jersey you’ve gotta get a pic or it doesn’t count.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (47)

When I said that jerseys were everywhere at Lolla I wasn’t exaggerating. Shout out to the yinzer in the Hines Ward jersey.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (48)

Grandmama making his only appearance.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (49)

This girl saw me taking the picture of the Michael Jordan jersey and did her thing. Big shout to her.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (50)

I have about 25 pics of this girl doing some variation of this pose next to this dude in the Jeremy Lin Warriors jersey. She had no clue why I was giving this guy dap, she just wanted to be in the picture. This jersey definitely impressed me the most of any at Lolla.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (51)

Lots of Pistons jerseys. The D representing.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (52)

Agent Zero. Career salary: $140 million.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (53)

Young hoopster crew. I had to give some love to this Emanuel Mudiay jersey.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (54)

Of course Robert Nkemdiche would be at Lolla. Where else is he gonna find that good good?

Lolla jerseys 2016 (55)

I Love Brian Scalabrine.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (56)

Time for a quick Bro-ment.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (57)


Lolla jerseys 2016 (58)


Lolla jerseys 2016 (59)

I Got Game #JesusShuttlesworth.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (60)

The joke starts, “Derrick Lee and Peja Stojakovic walk into a bar…”

Lolla jerseys 2016 (61)

Hidden in this Shawn Kemp Cavs jersey is the girl rocking the Cavs NBA Champs hat. By the way, I prefer a Bob Sura Cavs jersey if this is the version you are going to go with.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (62)

Bills Mafia rocking a Tyrod Taylor jersey looking for some tables to smash.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (63)

I always laugh every time I see someone rocking a Matt Ryan jersey in public. I think of Matt Ryan the same way I do Buick and pleated khakis.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (64)

Return of the Mack (probably said 9 million times by Raiders fans.)

Lolla jerseys 2016 (65)

Another Big Unit. Not sure what A’s jersey this is. Maybe Frank Thomas.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (66)

Sending some good vibes to Team USA Basketball in Rio.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (67)

This Reggie Lewis Celtics jersey is in my top 3 favorite jerseys of Lolla.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (68)

I fully support Randy Moss jerseys, regardless of what team, in any situation. #StraightCashHomey

Lolla jerseys 2016 (69)

Where’s Waldo Tom Brady edition.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (70)

I’m happy to see Peanut Tillman retire as a Chicago Bear. Dude was a ball hawking beast.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (71)

How very Metta to be rocking a World Peace jersey at a music festival. Shout out to the bro in the Pistons jersey making moves.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (72)

Carmelo Anthony jerseys are my least favorite ever. Nothing about team mediocrity is cool.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (73)

Ty Lawson jerseys are sneaking appropriate at music festivals. Anyone know where I can hook up with the dude in the Robert Nkemdiche jersey?

Lolla jerseys 2016 (75)

I respect Jason Kidd’s balling potential, but I was never a fan of him. Too shady off the court for me. Shout out to Julius Peppers though. He’s awesome.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (76)

My favorite couple of Lollapalooza goes to these two. First she had me with her Brett Favre Jets jersey.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (77)

Then he won me over with his Where Da Gold At shirt (which I own two of.) If you don’t get this reference then watch this video immediately. Talk about the coolest couple ever.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (78)

Kobe Bryant didn’t get a lot of love at Lolla #midwestbias

Lolla jerseys 2016 (79)

Dude in the DeMarcus Cousins Kings jersey is disgruntled for some reason.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (80)

“And the award for most unlikely yet surprisingly cool jersey combo goes to…”

Lolla jerseys 2016 (81)

If only Kemba Walker could do something about the high waisted jean shorts epidemic.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (82)

“You can do anything if Magic made it.” – Kanye

Lolla jerseys 2016 (83)

Now batting. Number two. Derek. Jeter. (applause)

Lolla jerseys 2016 (84)

Disregard the Chris Paul jersey. This pic is all about the Marshall Faulk Rams jersey. #GreatestShowOnTurf

Lolla jerseys 2016 (85)

As a Bulls fan I have mixed emotions about Derrick Rose going to the Knicks. My first reaction is it was addition by subtraction. This needed to be Jimmy Butler’s team. I was happy to see that D Rose went to the Knicks and not a team like the Spurs, who would somehow find a way to turn him back into an All-Star. I wish D Rose success in New York as he gave me many years of pleasure when he was in his prime in Chicago.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (86)

Count how many people are rocking jerseys in this picture. I find seven.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (87)

Best random baseball jersey of the day without a doubt goes to this Scott Podsednik White Sox jersey.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (88)

It’s damn near impossible to rock a Michael Jordan jersey in Chicago that someone else isn’t also wearing.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (89)

These two get my favorite baseball jerseys duo award: David Justice & Nomar Garciaparra. Bravo!

Lolla jerseys 2016 (90)

Jo Noah didn’t get much love this year at Lolla. There were no Knicks Noah jersey sightings and this was the only Bulls jersey I saw. I hated to see Noah go. He was without a doubt my favorite Bulls player of the last 10 years. He was the heart and soul of the team and was the type of player that every fan loved to root for. I’ll never forget the playoff series against the Nets (lead by Deron Williams) where the Bulls, lead by Noah and Nate Robinson (without Derrick Rose), beat the Nets in 7 on the road in a series they had no business winning. You the man Joakim Noah.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (91)

First ballot HOF mustache. First ballot ugliest colored jersey.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (92)

I absolutely love this Andre Dawson Expos jersey. It’s an absolute home run, especially in Chicago.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (93)

Tim Tebow may be the butt of internet jokes from here to eternity, but the dude was one of the greatest college football players ever. He was a leader, a winner, and amazingly is underrated.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (94)

Queue Foo Fighters, “There Goes My Hero…”

Lolla jerseys 2016 (95)

The only Russell Westbrook sighting of Lolla. There were about a million Kevin Durant jersey and because they were so common it wasn’t worth me posting a pic. I hope that Russ stays in OKC just for the storyline. I wouldn’t mind Blake Griffin somehow ending up there. #DunkCity

Lolla jerseys 2016 (96)

There were no Johnny Manziel Browns jerseys but instead a baseball jersey and a Texas A&M jersey. Also, Steph Curry didn’t get as much love as I would have expected. Shout out to this Davidson jersey. I had them in the tournament that year. Also a shout out to this Jamaal Wilkes Lakers jersey, one that only 5% of this audience will get.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (97)

I know we already saw a Derrick Rose Knicks jersey but the pic with the Chicago skyline is sweet.

Lolla jerseys 2016 (98)

This Gordon Beckham White Sox shirsey made me do a double take. How this was the best thing this dude could rock today I have no clue. Was his Joe Crede jersey dirty?

Lolla jerseys 2016 (99)

Michael Redd working his game while Giannis leads the way. I think that Michael Redd jerseys are very underrated. It has something to do with him being left handed and being able to shoot the lights out (when healthy.)

Lolla jerseys 2016

What better way to end Lollapalooza than with a Steve Kerr Bulls jersey. Clutch!

Did you capture any Lolla jerseys while you were there? If so drop me a line on any social media platform @baconsports.


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