Raplete Review: Los Angeles Rams Ram It

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Ram It by the 1986 Los Angeles Rams is the raplete equivalent of Sugarhill Gang’s Rappers Delight. This old school trade-off rap has timeless appeal. Sure, it was not the first of its kind (the 49ers made a group song in 1984) or the most popular (the Bears 1985 Super Bowl Shuffle inspired many imitators), but it is by far the most entertaining of all of the team songs of the era. The video and lyrics capture the classic cheesiness that defined the 1980s, and Ram It seems to have been the driving inspiration behind the first half of this Key and Peele sketch.


The dance choreography during the chorus is intense, and the different set locations keep the video fresh. The rap bars are delivered with horrendous timing, but that is part of what makes it such a classic. Here are the standout lyrical treasures from each rapper.

Big Bad Jackie says not to worry. Later in the video, BBJ absolutely crushes on the saxophone.
And don’t you worry cuz the Rams are rappin’ / When game time comes we’ll get back to zappin’

Hollywood Hanson is Dodge City tough and likes to ram it more than damn near anyone.
Hollywood Hanson, Dodge City tough / If you throw it my way, it’s gonna get rough
I like to ram it as you can see / Nobody likes rammin’ any more than me

Jeter not only dresses sweet, he also mistreats quarterbacks.
They call me Jeter, nobody dresses sweeter / But under this cool is a quarterback mistreater

Limousine Willie’s dance moves are like dreams.
This is Limousine Willie, my moves are like dreams / They call me the demon on special teams

Herc is a mountain man that learned long ago to ram it just right.
I’m a mountain man from West V.A. / They call me Herc and I came to play
I learned long ago to ram it just right / You can ram it all day and ram it all night

Big Daddy Hill wants to make it very clear he doesn’t want Dick running over him.
I’m quick off the line as I can be / Cuz I don’t want Dick running over me

Who am I to argue with Babyface? Definitely seems like a fool.
This is Babyface, and I don’t yield / I’m tackling fool on the football field

Speed Ball Brown has his own creed. Cars and ladies are only a part of it.
Cars and ladies are a part of his creed / But more than that, I feel the need for speed

Catcher wears sunglasses at night.
With shades on, I can catch a BB in the dark

Redden is as strong as you come, but also has a brain.
I’m strong as you come, but I’ve got a brain / And stoppin’ me is like stoppin’ a train

Do not come Carl E’s way. He looks like a psychotic extra on the set of Sons of Anarchy.
Come my way and I’ll know you on you’re ass

JJ, you only had to write four bars. Is it too much to ask that they rhyme?
JJ’s my name, intimidating / Pass it my way and I’ll see you later

The Iceman cometh.
The Iceman cometh, LeRoy is my name / I cover the corner, interception’s my game
Score more than anybody else on the D / Cuz I move like a cat as you can see

Dick plays closer role and steals the show. Get your learn on, ladies. Dick likes brainy bitches.
The guys call me Dick instead of Dickerson / I lead the range, I’m the Rams top gun
They say I’m smooth as a runner can be / Even Sweetness and the others are talkin’ ‘bout me
I like to dance and have a lot of fun / When it comes to ladies, want a brainy one
But enough about me we here to ram it you see / If you ram it just right, you can ram it all night

I’ve watched video countless times and still go back and forth on whether the players are completely oblivious to the sexual innuendo of “ram it” or if they are off camera laughing their asses off about it. Either way, Jeff Fisher missed a golden opportunity of holding on to Michael Sam and giving this song a modern day reboot. For even more analysis of this video, check out this Grantland breakdown.

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