March Madness Final Four Trivia

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This weekend marks the start of the Final Four, aka the culmination of the greatest tournament in sports. Kentucky is going for perfection, Wisconsin is looking to get revenge from last season, Michigan St. is peaking at the right time like Tom Izzo’s teams do, and Duke is Duke yet again. I predict when all is said and done, UK will not raise the banner this year. Wisconsin exacts their revenge, beats Kentucky and goes on to win the National Title. Even if you don’t agree with my assessment, test your Final Four trivia knowledge and see how much of an expert you are.

1. This former Big East conference member was the last team to win a national title without having made the NCAA Tournament the previous season?

2. Since 1979, what NCAA team has been seeded #1 the most number of times?

3. What team was the largest underdog in an NCAA Championship game and went on to win the title?

4. Who is the only Ivy League team ever to make the Final Four?

5. What was the only year that neither a #1 or nor #2 seed made the Final Four?

6. What state claims the most NCAA D-I basketball titles?

7. Which two men’s college basketball team has the most Final Four appearances (including Final Fours vacated)?

8. What religiously-affiliated WCC school has played in the most NCAA tournaments without making a Final Four?

9. This 1990’s National Title winner holds the record for most points scored as a team in one NCAA tournament?

10. This national championship winning squad had the lowest regular season ranking of any team to win an NCAA Championship. Who is it?

Before going to the answers, check out this classic video which features plenty of familiar faces before their jump to the NBA, plus some great walk-on player sideline celebrations…



1. UConn Huskies in 2011

2. University of North Carolina has been #1 a total of 14 times

3. UConn (1999) was a 9.5 point underdog and beat Duke 77-74

4. Penn (1979) they eventually lost to Magic Johnson and Michigan St. by 34

5. (2011) UConn #3, Kentucky #4, Butler #8, and VCU #11

6. California with 15 (UCLA 11, San Francisco 2, Cal 1, Stanford 1)

7. North Carolina and UCLA (18)

8. BYU 29 times

9. UNLV 1990 with 571 points

10. 1983 NC State Wolfpack only reached #15 in the polls during the regular season




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