This could be the only non-MJD Jaguars Jersey you see all year

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Summertime Chi + Air & Water Show = seeing a Mark Brunell Jacksonville Jaguars jersey. That seems completely logical.

Mark Brunell Jersey

Part of the reason why I go to the Air & Water show is to people watch. There are 2 million people there that don’t typically hang out in the city and you never know what you are going to find. Case in point is this Mark Brunell jersey. It is known that the Jaguars don’t actually have fans. Therefore we can rule out that this guy is actually a long time Jags fan and misses the days of Mark Brunell to Jimmy Smith or seeing Fred Taylor scamper for 100 yards. So is/was there a certain cachet to the left handed scrambling QB that can explain how someone would rock his jersey on a random August day in Chicago almost 10 years since he was last on that team? I’m going with no. This guy seems to be going for the phantom look where he wears nothing but all black. That’s a great look in the heat. Sure Brunell, at times, was a good player and actually led the Jags to the playoffs. However, his coolness factor is only slightly higher than Chris Chandler and not nearly as high as someone like Randall Cunningham. Regardless of the reason for why it was being worn I loved seeing this jersey. It was completely random and made no sense and that’s what I love about jerseys.

Did you know that Mark Brunell owns 11 Whataburger franchises in the Jacksonville area or that he holds the NFL record for most consecutive competitions in a single game with 22?

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