151: How Maurice Peebles Became Deputy Editor at Complex Sports

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maurice peebles complex sports

maurice peebles complex sports

Maurice Peebles, Deputy Editor at Complex Sports, joins Rob Cressy to talk about the journey of his sports career. Maurice shares how he went from studying Journalism at Rutgers University, to landing an internship with Complex Media, to having to get a “real world job”, to eventually ending back with Complex Media.

Maurice gives a ton of actionable advice for anyone looking to make a career of working in sports and no doubt you’ll get a ton of value from this.

In the conversation Maurice Peebles and I talk about:

  • The hustle it took for him to land an internship with Complex Media.
  • How he had to get a real world non-sports job before landing a paying gig writing about sports.
  • How starting his own sports blog opened up doors that lead to his current position at Complex Sports.
  • How he started writing for Barstool Sports.
  • What are the best ways for sports content creators to get on the radar of Complex Sports?
  • What’s a day in the life like for the Deputy Editor at Complex Sports?

At the end we also have the Tampa Bay lightning round where Maurice answers a bevy of sports questions.

Some actionable takeaways from the podcast that stood out to me were:

  • Send interesting pitches. It’s just not enough to have passion for working in sports.
  • Keep writing and start your own sports blog.
  • Do whatever you can to out hustle everyone else.

Follow Maurice Peebles on Twitter @TallMaurice.

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